Light is a very important necessity in life that in case of power failure it is hard to continue with normal working until the lights come back. When this happens, emergency lights come in very handy to save the situation. The history of emergency lighting dates back to the time when power was only backed up by a generator or battery, which was unreliable and lasted for a short while. This led to inventors to look for alternative lighting which would last for a long time and brighter. With the advancement in technology, the LED lights were invented that are now used for emergency lighting.

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Emergency Warning Lights

Emergency vehicle lights are any form of light installed in a vehicle that is used by the driver to convey an urgent message or warning. Emergency lights for vehicles include LED emergency lights, emergency light bars and warning lights. Ambulance and police cars are common cars with emergency vehicle lights. Emergency lights indicate to other motorists their presence and urgency.

Types of Emergency Lightings

Emergency lights are made in different shapes, sizes and dimensions based on their usage and the space they will occupy. There are also several types of emergency lighting that you can choose from. They include:

  • Standby lighting – This is an emergency lighting used in hospitals in case of any form of power outage.
  • Escape route light fixtures – These are commonly found in offices and hospitals where lighting is very vital.
  • Emergency standby lighting – These are mostly battery charged; therefore, operating them is very easy. They are normally placed at the emergency doors exit so as to help maintain safety in case of power outage.
  • LED bulbs – these lights use light emitting diodes to illuminate an area. They are used in both indoors and outdoors lighting. They are brighter than other types of emergency lighting.
  • Safety lighting– This is used in critical applications, where heavy machinery is at work and power interruption may cause detrimental effects. These lights are placed where heavy machinery is located. They are used for safety purposes. In case the machinery has a problem or there is an emergency, the light comes on automatically.

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One disadvantage of using stand by lighting for the hospitals is that it requires an independent power house. For this reason, it cannot be placed inside a house but connected electrically using a backup generator. When there is power outage it is turned on manually and continues to provide electricity until power is restored.

Strobe light is used to produce regular flashes of light. They are used by law enforcement and emergency vehicles. You can find an affordable strobe light online for the police departments or health centers.

These emergency lights are important in both domestic and commercial areas. They come in handy and you should ensure to get quality lights.