A plasma cutter refers to any machine that is used to cut steel and other metals of various thicknesses to size, using a plasma torch. A plasma cutter’s functioning is not as complicated as its abilities. An inert gas is blown out of a plasma cutter’s nozzle at a high speed forming an electrical arch on the surface to be cut. This turns some of that gas into plasma, which is hot enough to melt metal and it moves so fast such that it blows molten metal away from a cutter, hence a clean cut.

 high performance plasma cutter

A hypertherm plasma cutter is a high performance industrial plasma system that uses very high temperatures to cut and gouge metals. This plasma cutter is very fast, quite economical and very easy to use. It makes cutting through metal a very simple task, contrary to what it would be when using other equipment like sheers.

Before Plasma Cutters

A metal shear is what was used in olden days before the coming of plasma technology. Cutting metal then was no piece of cake as amount of energy needed to operate these machines was outrageously high. These sheers are of various types, some of which include those listed below;

  • Bench shears
  • Guillotine
  • Power shears
  • Throatles shears

Getting Them For Less

Plasma cutters tend to be quite expensive, especially for ordinary and not so rich individuals. For these people, a used plasma cutter being sold at a subsidised price is more than a prayer being answered. Affluent individuals could buy new plasma cutters and sell off their old ones cheaply as a way of disposing them off and thus availing used plasma cutters to those individuals who cannot afford new ones.

A plasma cutter sale could also come in very handy in availing plasma cutters cheaply to people who need them, and do not have enough money to buy them at their usual prices. Sales enable sellers of these plasma cutters to get rid of their dead stock before it gets obsolete and bring about losses to their business.

long lasting hypertherm powermax plasma cutter

Significant Comparison and Common Uses

Some advantages of the metal plasma cutters over other types of metal cutters include;

  • A plasma cutter gives metal a clean and smooth cut
  • Plasma cutters are easy to use as compared to other cutters, like say metal shears
  • Plasma cutter are fast and effective

Common uses of a plasma cutter include;

  • Cutting metal into specific sizes
  • Shaping metal
  • Cutting patterns into metal

Plasma cutters are a breakthrough in metal working industry. Metal plays a vital role in man’s quest for development that without these materials mankind’s progress is significantly affected.