Often in cold countries, icicles are seen hanging from rooftops during winter. These are known as ice dam. If not taken proper measure, these ice dams on roofs can cause substantial damage to ones homes. So ice dam removal is very essential and necessary. The main cause of ice dams is inadequate attic or roofing ventilation. So the most effective way of ice dam removal is to ensure that the attic is properly ventilated and will not happen in the first place. If ice dam removal does not take place, it can damage ones home and injure people when they fall.

Tips on Proper Ice Dam Removal

If ice dam removal is not done, there are numerous awful and unwanted problems that would arise. Moreover if the water melts, it can trickle down the cavity spaces of the exterior walls. These cause problems with termites, ants and various types of molds. The best way of ice dam removal is to call the experts of course especially when you think the ice dams are on critical masses already.

Ice Dam Removal

Apart from that, if one wants the ice dam removal done manually, one can use ice dam removal equipments like axes, ice picks, heated cables as well as blowtorches. These ice dam removal equipments are the conventional means of removing ice dam and are still practiced until today. The axe, though a safe option, does not facilitate proper and complete ice dam removal. Moreover, there is high risk of damaging the roof. Hence, there are better alternative today. These aren’t relatively new but definitely a more modern approach in doing this task. Ice dam removal products like chlorine tablets and Roofmelt for example are far better than ice picks and high-pressured water pumps. You can simply throw these hockey-puck sized pellets into the ice dam and watch it go away. It’s that simple!

It’s important to familiarize yourself with the range of ice dam removal cost. In the USA, roof steaming is a popular method of ice dam removal and it costs around $300 per hour. For those looking to hire manual labor, rates vary from $75 to $100 per hour. If one is planning ice dam removal oneself, he needs to keep in mind a few tips and tricks.

Tips To Effective Ice Dam Removal

ice dam removal equipment

  • Just removing the gutter is not enough for ice dam removal. This is because such a process can harm the roofing of the house. Moreover, when the waters melt, it causes flooding and other problems.

  • Removing the excess snow can be helpful too as it aids in ice dam removal and moreover, it prevents such an incident to occur in future as well.

  • Using fertilizers and various types of salt is highly recommended as these help in melting of the ice and hence aids in ice dam removal.

  • When using heated cables, it is advisable to channel the flow of water down the gutter to help prevent unnecessary clogging of pipes and damage to exterior walls.