Projectors have become integral in presenting data to the audience in conferences, seminars and meetings in various organizations. Working with a projector one needs to understand proper functioning and even maintenance of the device. The efficiency of the projector is only experienced when high quality of what is being presented is achieved.

Knowing how to use a projector is an essential knowledge that everyone must learn how to do in any industry or organization.

Steps on How to Use a Projector

  • Plug a projector power supply cable into a power socket then plug into the projector.

  • Using visual graphic array (VGA) cable connect the projector to your computer or laptop.


  • Power on your computer or laptop and open up the document you want to display. You can use sound to enhance your presentation because the projectors have built in speakers.

  • After presentation turn off the projector by pressing the off button then a dialog box appears asking you if you want to turn off then press the off button again.

  • After switching off the machine, leave it until the fan stops to run then disconnect the VGA cable.

The best way to gauge on how to use the projector is by the quality and high performance of data projected. Getting the correct resolution of the projector mount is very much important. The main reason for getting blurred screen view is because the computer resolution is not compatible with the projector resolution. To avoid this you need to adjust computer resolution to match that of the projector.

A projector mount can help you to project pictures onto the screen very well. However you must know the specifications and instructions that you need with possible guidelines for mounting a projector.

Tips in Using a Projector Mount

  • Determine a proper kit for a projector mount. This will help to have the best know how in terms of specifications and requirements you need.

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  • Know the best location you want mount the projector by using the manual that come with the projector putting into consideration the distance the projector should be from the screen.

  • Attach the appropriate mount to the projector.

  • Then attach cables to the projector and then follow the instructions in the manual. Adjust setting to fine tune the contrast of the image then turn on the projector.

Using a projector during presentations is a great advantage to the products of the organization. However, proper usage of the device should be put into consideration. This should be done in a professional manner to avoid the hassle of having to troubleshoot the device now and then.