The wireless fence helps you set boundaries for your pet by using radio frequencies. The wireless fence has gained popularity because you do not need to redesign your home and place actual fences since it is invisible. Having an underground fence has also proven effective since through it a dog owner can learn new ways of how to train dog with wireless fence in an easier and quicker way.

Advantages of Wireless Fence training

  • The dog owner will not have to worry about the dog leaving the compound and wandering off.

  • The owner can leave the house comfortably without worrying about the safety of the pet.

  • This lets the pet take walks on its own without a leash.

best ways on How to Train Dog With Wireless Fence

  • This also means that the dog can play on its own without constant supervision.

The Disadvantages of Using Wireless Fence Training

  • Dog training with wireless fence does not work on all dogs.

  • Some may react aggressively towards the wireless fence.

  • For the training to be effective, it is best to start while the dog is still a puppy since it is much harder to teach an old dog new tricks.

The Steps in Training Your Dog with a Wireless Fence

The how to train dog with wireless fence is simple because, the dog owner needs to follow the following simple steps:

  1. The first step the owner has to consider on how to train dog with wireless fence is to look for an underground fence that suits both the dog and owner. There are many in the market so the owner should make inquiries before choosing a brand.

  1. The second step the owner should consider on how to train dog with a wireless fence is to know the difference between a dog leash and the dog training receiver. A dog owner should avoid placing a leash on the receiver since this may affect the transmission to the wireless fence. It is fine to place a normal collar for the leash with the receiver.

diy underground fence

  1. After placing the receiver, the next step on how to train dog with a wireless fence is to place the receiver at the lowest correction level. The correction at this level could be the use of sound or noise. The noise should be able to go off when the dog goes past its perimeter.

  1. The next thing to do on how to train dog with a wireless fence is to help the dog owner understand the set boundaries. When it goes past the boundaries and the noise goes off, use a lease or your voice to guide it back. Let the dog try it on its own, by praising it or giving it a treat when it returns to the set boundaries.

Note: The biggest ingredient on how to train dog with wireless fence is patience. There are dogs that only need one session to understand, while others may take more than two. Take your time with the dog since it will soon learn the basics.