Blenders have become a common household tool in modern homes and are used in all seasons. During winter they can be used to make soups while during the summer they can be used to make smoothies or other cold drinks. There are many types of blenders available and the stick blender is one of the most common blenders used in the home.

A stick blender is a kitchen tool that is used in blending items within their own container. The main body of the blender usually consists of a long shaft that can be made of either plastic or steel. It has a single rotating blade which is covered with a blade guard to avoid injury or accidents. One type of common stick blender in the home is the Cuisinart stick blender.

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Advantages of Using a Stick Blender

  • The fact that the stick blender is not attached to a container makes it quite convenient. This is especially in regard to hot foods which always have the risk of dropping and burning you.

  • With the handheld stick blender you don’t have to disrupt the cooking process to blend items. The hand held blender can be used to blend foods that are still cooking; the best example is during the making of dense soups like the butternut squash soup.

  • These blenders are easier to clean than the ordinary blender. All you need to do for most is to remove the blade and clean and wipe the handle.

  • A stick blender is less bulky than a blender making it easy to use.

Steps on How to Choose A Stick Blender

1) Identify your needs

Know exactly why you need to get the stick blender in the first place and what you would like to use it for. For instance, if you need it specifically to puree your child’s food. a simple Cuisinart immersion blender may be just what you need because with baby foods you may not be in need of a blender with a very strong power range which may end up being more expensive.

2) Identify the available brands of stick blender

There are quite a number of brands available in the market all with different versions of the stick blender. Always look for the best brands of stick blender in that specific field. Most companies may produce different items, but they always have their specialties.

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3) Compare reviews

There are a lot of stick blenders in the market today, hence the need to look at what customers have to say about the different makes of blenders.

  • Looking at stick blender reviews online will give you an honest unbiased opinion of all available blenders. For example, if you are looking for the best stick blender for soups, sauces or smoothies you will definitely find the Cuisinart smart stick hand blender being mentioned several times.

  • When looking at the reviews you should also compare prices to see what stick blender would be most affordable to you.

  • The prices are usually indicated in most online reviews to allow you to compare the prices of the best items.