Whether you are a lady or a gentleman, you will find makeup sets very important to your daily routine. With a well composed set, you can easily reapply and retouch your makeup anytime of the day. Here are the top four favorite makeup sets you will find in the market today.

choosing the best makeup sets


The $230 billion global sales of this company should be an indication of how popular their makeup sets are. Some of the most sought after products by Clinique are their eye care products. According to Clinique, the eyes are the windows to the soul. This means you can expect great mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow from this brand. Other favorites from the Clinique makeup kit are the highlighter, bronzer and skin care foundation.

Smashbox Cosmetics

Makeup set from this brand contains everything you need for your daily skin care routine. People that use Smashbox makeup sets are thoroughly impressed by the foundation primers, blush, lip gloss, eyeliner and concealer. It is no wonder then that this makeup kit is a favorite among so many ladies.

Damone Roberts Beverly Hills Inc. Brow Kit

Do you love having a perfect set of eyebrows all the time? Well, this make up kit is for you. It contains everything from tweezers, brow shadow, brow smudge brush, brow angled brush and sharpener. It is no wonder that this set is referred to as the Eyebrow King. In addition to this fabulous sets are some of the best tips on making your eyebrows look fabulous.

Baby It’s Cold Outside by MUD Cosmetics

The most exiting piece in this collection is the vibrant, earth toned palette that is ideal for the eyes, lips and the cheeks. The tones will help you look glowing regardless of the occasion that you will be attending. It comes together with MUD’s cosmetic handy bag and helps you create a perfect radiant look in all types of weather.

Shopping Tips

Most people find it really difficult to select makeup sets that are perfect and well equipped. If you are having trouble selecting a set because one of the products does not seem to be quite right, it is better to compose your own kit.

  •  You can actually pick the pieces that you find alluring from each of your favorite brands. For example, you may choose to get concealer from Clinique, eye shadow from Smashbox and Buxom lip gloss.

sexy Buxom lip gloss

  • It is important to test and make sure that the components you put together go well with each other. A little mistake in your makeup set can have you looking really funny.
  • Makeup sets are usually specific. For instance, you can find a set that specializes in eye care and another that is specific for lip care. If you are a lover of nature, you should check and make sure that the makeup sets you buy are not tested on animals.
  • Last but not least, make sure you invest in good quality makeup. Poor quality makeup can cause damage to your skin.

With a variety of brands and types of makeup to choose from, don’t be deceived in purchasing poor quality ones. Follow these shopping tips and have a makeup kit that is not only complete but also capable in bringing out your true physical beauty.