Not a few people think too much about how to shampoo hair properly. More often than not, it is all a matter of wet-shampoo-rinse routine that does not take more than five minutes. But hair care experts know it takes more than that.

Tips on How To Shampoo Hair Properly

Shampooing hair requires more effort than it seems to achieve healthy and strong tresses. And there are more factors to consider than just knowing which shampoo brand smells the best or which one suits you best.

Essential Guidelines


  • Water Temperature

One does not simply walk into the shower and wash the hair with icy cold water or steaming hot one. There is a difference between the water that you use for wetting the hair, pre-shampoo, and rinsing the hair.

You see, the hair, just like the skin, have pores that open and close up depending on the temperature of water that it is exposed to.

Before applying the shampoo, you must open your scalp pores with warm water – this way, your hair follicles will get the best of your shampoo’s nutrients. Rinsing water, on the other hand, must be cold – icy cold if you can tolerate it. You don’t have to stand under cold water for a long time; just a quick splash of the cold water will do the trick, close your pores and lock in the nutrients.

  • Frequency of washing the hair

Do not wash your hair every day. It sounds disgusting but it is in fact healthy. Shampoos also contain harmful chemicals that could rid your hair of its natural sebum or oils leaving your hair looking dull and lifeless.

If you’re too bummed about greasy and dirty-looking hair from skipping the daily wash, the secret is a little talcum powder. Sprinkle some baby powder on your hair, and brush it off to hide it. The talcum powder prevents the hair follicles from releasing too much oil.

  • Amount of Shampoo

Shampoo must neither be too little nor too much. A quarter-sized dollop is good enough; a little more if the hair is longer. It does not matter what kind of shampoo you’re using – anti-dandruff shampoo, clarifying shampoo, those trendy color depositing shampoo – you’ll need just enough for your hair and a small dollop is all it needs. Unless, of course, if you have Rapunzel locks.

How To Apply Color Depositing Shampoo

  • Massaging the Scalp

How to shampoo hair properly does not include quick and slight touches between the hair and the shampoo. And it also goes beyond just lathering up. Proper shampooing requires long and slow circular massages all over the scalp.

Taking too much time? Think about it this way: you are getting a run for your money because you are using your shampoo to its optimum capacity, you are giving your hair what it needs, and you are shampooing enough for two days since you would be skipping the washing for tomorrow.

Knowing how to shampoo hair properly goes beyond the need to be clean and hygienic. It is about caring for your hair the way it deserves to be treated – and keep them looking beautiful at that!