The water pump is a device that helps move the water from one point to another through the use of either physical action or mechanical action. There are various types of water pumps found in the market mostly being home water pumps and car water pumps. The water pump is especially essential for cars since it keeps it functioning. It is because of its importance that is always advisable to learn how to replace a water pump.

When replacing a water pump, the first thing to know is how much to replace a water pump. The price of a car water pump varies from a hundred and fifty dollars to about sixty hundred dollars. The price varies with the type of car you have. Some cars tend to have water pumps that are much more expensive than others. Knowing the cost of a water pump beforehand helps you budget accordingly.

know how much does a water pump cost to replace

How to replace your water pump by yourself

Before you ask yourself, “how much does a water pump cost to replace?”, ask yourself first if you can do it on your own. After all, it only takes some knack for mechanic stuff and the drive to do it. (Saving on costs is a good motivator, mind you). Different car models have different ways on how to replace a water pump. You can, however, learn the general steps on how to replace a water pump in a car. Here are some basic steps you can follow:

• Water pump replacement requires you to learn how to replace a water pump by getting all the right tools. The essential item is the new water pump. The other tools may include; a gasket, a gasket scraper, a gasket seal, hose clamps, an assortment of screws, a wrench set, wire bush and a drain pan. Only use substitute tools when you are sure the substitute tools would not compromise the way you fix the water pump.

• The next thing to do is ensure that your car engine is off and that the car is cool. You can wait for the engine to cool off before changing the water pump. You should also disconnect the battery of your car.

• The next step on how to replace a water pump is placing the drain pan below the car engine and drain out all the content of the cooling system of your car. Ensure that everything in the system is completely drained. As you are draining the cooling system, you should also loosen the mounting brackets of the alternator to remove the drive belts of the car.

• Clear the area of the water pump of any other engine accessory to prevent damaging them. These engine accessories may include the engine pulley, the engine fan and the fan shroud. You should also disconnect any hose attached on the old water pump using a wrench. Do this gently. Once the hoses are unattached, you can remove the old water pump.

know how much to replace a water pump

• While you are at it, you can inspect part of the car engine that surrounds the water pump. See if the area needs any cleaning, and if it does then you can use a rag to do the cleaning. You can change the pump gasket if they are spoilt or broken.

• Once this is done, place the new water pump in. Ensure the water pump is bolted securely before reconnecting it to the water pump gasket.

• Once the water pump is reconnected to the gasket, you can proceed by putting back all the engine accessories in the right place. Taking a picture at the beginning of the process can help you replace everything properly.

• Once everything is in place, you can refill the cooling system of your car. You can use this chance to also upgrade your coolant or antifreeze product.

• After refilling, the last step of learning how to replace a water pump requires you to plug the battery and start your car. Check if the new water pump is working.