Bras are an important part of any lady’s attire. It is important that one gets a proper bra that serves the purpose of comfort and appearance. A wrong fitting bra will not only affect your skin by chaffing but also cause your clothes to fit peculiarly. Knowing the right bra cup sizes need not be a problem as one can even do it at home. Knowing your bra cup sizes makes things easy for you while shopping; it is even easy to identify your size from bra cup sizes pictures.

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Methods to Measure Bra Cup Sizes

Getting correct measurement of your bra cup sizes is as easy as ABC, below are two ways that one can use to get this information.

  • Use a tape measure to determine your bra cup sizes. When measuring yourself, it is advisable to do it without a bra on and in any case you want to measure while wearing one, ensure it is not padded. Padded bras will mislead you with false measurements. Take measurements from around top of your chest going all the way to your back passing tape measure under armpits. Write down the number you get, if it happens to be an odd number then round up to next even number. Secondly, take measurement around fullest part of your bust ensuring that tape measure is held loosely. Tight measurement will result you to buying a small bra. Subtract first measurement from second to get your bra cup sizes. For example, if first measurement was 33+1 and second 36 then 2 being the remainder after subtraction would be your bra cup sizes measurement. As cup sizes are indicated as letters then using a bra cup sizes chart you will see that above figure would be bra cup size B.
  • For better assurance that a bra fits nicely then even after measuring with a tape measure one should do a fitting to be sure. Using measurements you have select some bras and try them on. Even if you have no measurements then do not guess but ask to try on some bras to find your fit.

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Bra cup sizes differ from each other, therefore, when looking for a bra note that manufacturers will always term sizes differently. On a bra cup sizes chart any number above 4 could either be denoted by letter E or Double D (DD) and so on. Therefore, if it happens your size is Double or Triple D and only bras available are E and F, do not worry as those are the exact sizes you are after. One important thing to note is where cup size measurement is less than one then it is termed as AA or AAA, in this case try on different bra cup sizes in order to make right choices.