Plastic bags are very common. They are used for numerous reasons such as for groceries, for accessories, for apparel, etc. Surely there are numerous plastic bags in your house lying here and there. There are a number of purposes that these plastic bags will serve and when you actually need them, you might not find one immediately. To save yourself the trouble and the time, you could make your own plastic bag holder to keep the bags organized so that you can store them properly and carry the bag along when you go grocery shopping with all the plastic bags you may need. So for the question of how to make a plastic holder, this article will provide you with some great ideas.

How to Make a Plastic Bag Holder

Materials needed to make a plastic bag holder:

  • A fabric: 18 x 13 inches,

  • a pair of scissors,

  • a ruler,

colorful plastic bag holder

  • a pencil,

  • a quarter inch wide elastic: 2 inches,

  • a quarter inch wide ribbon: 8 inches

  • straight pins,

  • sewing machine,

  • sewing thread

  • and a sewing needle.

Steps in how to make a plastic bag holder

crochet plastic bag holder pattern

  • To start with, you should choose a piece of fabric that you like. You can pick anything that you want. Buying a decorative piece is also a great idea in order to make your plastic bag holder look great and attractive.

  • Place the piece of fabric you chose flat on a table such that the upper side is face down. In order words, the inside or the under part of the fabric must face you.

  • Use a ruler and a pencil to mark an inch from the top. Repeat at the bottom and pin the material using straight pins on both ends. Sew it and your hem is ready.

tips on how to make a plastic bag holder

  • Take elastic and cut it into half. Take one piece and pin it at the top of the hem and sew it there. Make sure the elastic falls at least half an inch beyond the fabric. Do the same for the bottom too.

  • Fold the piece of fabric in such a way that both the right sides of the fabrics are towards each other. Pin them together. You can notice the underside of the fabric towards you.

  • In the next step you should sew the seam. Start half an inch from the top and make your way down.

best fabric plastic bag holder

  • Take the ribbon and fold it into half. This will give you a loop of four inches. Pin the loop with its loose ends at the bottom to the tube. Pin it at about 1 inch from the top of it. Now sew it using your sewing machine.

  • Place a hand inside the tube and turn it inside out. The top side will face you and your all new functional plastic bag holder is ready!

Now that you know how to make a plastic bag holder, it is time you spent some time and made one for yourself!

Some people find it hard on how to make a plastic bag holder so they prefer to buy one instead. There a re many types of plastic bag holder available and rest assured you will have a lot to choose from.