It is important for waterproof boots to have regular maintenance in order to prolong their life. Not only to conserve their quality but also to function with their best performance and remain comfortable to use. When you can maintain it, you can eventually enjoy fun outdoor activities. You may like to maintain on putting some waterproof repellent for your boots to maintain its waterproof performance.  This is a must even if the boots are made with waterproof materials.

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Tips to Maintain your Waterproof Boots

  • Buy a maintenance product, which is suited for the types of boots you have. There are boots cleaner, some conditioner and waterproofing products. You can always refer to the manufacturer or ask the sales representative of what products to be bought and where to locate the right place of purchasing these products.
  • Store the waterproof boots in room temperature. Put it in a room where the temperature is constant and even. If you put it next to the dryer or a heater, fireplace and radiator, the boots will get brittle or shrink depending on the material they are made of. Too much heating will cause the glue to melt that holds your boots together. The boots will dry faster when you can hang them upside down. Do not put your boots in a room where there is no proper ventilation such as in the attics or garages.
  • Always treat your waterproof boots with waterproofing products. Any pores that are open on your boots will be treated by the waterproofing products to make it water and airtight. The product will also make the boots smoother and turn into darker color. After applying, you can always test boots if it works well. You can either spray the boots and watch of the tiny beads of water rolls out on the surface.
  • Condition your waterproof boots. You can treat your boots with the conditioning product to keep the moisture in it. This will help your boots to avoid any cracked and not become too dry to look. Conditioning it will make it more pliable.


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