Most women prefer to wear short skirts, particularly when they have amazingly flawless legs. This type of outfit is also excellent for women with short legs because the length of the skirt provides an elongating effect to their legs. Those who want to wear a short skirt can pair off the outfit with the right top and footwear to complete the desired look. However, they need to make sure that they maintain their elegance without appearing overexposed in a skirt.

How to Look Classy and Decent with Very Short Skirts

  • Wear boy shorts underneath the skirt. Most pleated skirts with a very short length tend to expose the underwear when the wind is strong or gusty. Women should consider wearing boy shorts or other garments that can prevent overexposure during a windy climate. Moreover, they can consider using a safety pin to clip a portion of the skirt to the edge of the shorts. This can keep the skirt from lifting when there is a gust of wind.

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  • Choose the ideal tops that will complement the entire outfit. Girls in short skirts should wear a top that has a modest appeal, so they could look decent and classy in their outfit. They should avoid wearing a kind of top that exposes their stomach, as this would send the wrong message to others. The length of the skirt already bears too much skin, so they need to make sure that their top is not too much for their short skirts.

  • Consider wearing the right footwear. Another important factor to consider when wearing a short skirt is the type of footwear that goes with the outfit. For women in short skirts, they should opt for flat shoes or sandals that would make them look chic. Strappy sandals will also enhance their great-looking legs, and they will feel comfortable while walking around in a mini skirt. Those who plan to wear stiletto pumps can do so when they are in the ideal location. The footwear will enhance their outfit if it is worn in a nightclub or bar.

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  • Practice sitting the right way to avoid overexposure. The best way to sit when wearing short skirts is by sitting with knees together. The legs can be slanted for maximum coverage. There is too much risk by sitting in a crossed legs position, as this manner of sitting might cause exposure.

  • Observe the proper way of moving around when wearing a skirt. Women can appear graceful and refined in a short skirt, as long as they observe the ideal movement when walking, getting off the car, or moving. For instance, they should bend from their knees when they need to pick something from the floor. It is important to keep their knees and legs together as they bend. When they sit in the car, they should make sure that their legs are always together as they sit their bottom on the seat.

It is easy for women to flaunt their legs when they wear short skirts. However, they should observe several factors that would make them look gorgeous and decent in this outfit.