Businesses and private individuals both require the services of a demolition contractor when undergoing a remodel. Not just anyone with a demolition hammer is qualified to do any demolition project. It’s important to hire the right contractor, because proper demolition can make or break the project.

Learn how to get the right demolition contractor services with these five tips:

1.) Evaluate the scale of your project

Hiring a demolition contractor to take down a skyscraper and hiring a demolition contractor to remodel your employee bathroom are two different things.

ways on How to Get the Right Demolition Contractor Services

  • It’s important to find someone with the right qualifications and equipment to do the job.

  • Your general handyman won’t be able to demolish an entire building, and likewise, a large crew of 10 people is probably over kill for a bathroom remodel.

  • You’ll save time, money, and aggravation by evaluating the scale of your project and hiring the right kind of demolition contractor.

2.) Ask for references

This may seem obvious, but you should always get references from your demolition contractor.

  • If you’re uncomfortable asking for them, or if your contractor doesn’t keep a database of names and numbers, go online and do some digging.

  • Sites like Angie’s List offer unbiased reviews by people who have used the contractor before.

  • Never trust reviews gathered from the contractors website, since they have control over the content and can easily filter out negative comments.

  • If overall the reviews are good, but you find one especially unsettling review, don’t be afraid to ask the contractor about it.

  • Keep asking questions until you’re satisfied with the answer.

3.) Get the timeline in writing

Everyone knows they should get a quote and contract in writing, but few people think to include a timeline. For a demolition project that will severely interfere with your life or the operation of your business, it’s important to know how long the project will take.

  • Get the timeline in writing, and include a firing clause or deep discount if the timeline isn’t met.

  • Things may happen that are out of the demolition experts control, but impromptu vacations and dragging a project out in retaliation over a disagreement can easily be avoided.

  • If the contractor isn’t willing to offer a reasonable time frame for completion and put it in writing, that’s a red flag that you should look elsewhere for your demolition needs.

4.) Make sure they have the right tools for the job

Ask the person you are considering hiring if they have all of the necessary tools for the job. A demolition hammer is rarely the only tool required.

  • Having the right tools for the project will leave you with a clean, smooth surface to start rebuilding on, which will save you money in construction costs.

  • Knowledge is also a tool, and your demolition contractor should be up to date on rules, regulations, and permit requirements for your state.

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5.) Get more than one quote

Always get more than one quote for your demolition project. Since demolition costs are mostly labor, prices can vary dramatically between contractors.

  • Getting a minimum of two quotes gives you something to compare, and knowing what other contractors rates are gives you a leg up in negotiations with your first choice.

  • In a slow economy, contractors are often willing to match their competitors’ written quotes if they are for the same services and materials.

By following these five tips, you will be able to find the right demolition contractor for your project. By asking questions and doing research, you should be able to find a contractor with the skills you need, at a reasonable rate.