What methods are you using to improve your nails? Nail stickers adds interesting effects on your nails. With the wide variety you can find in the market, you will never run out of new designs to try. The designs go well with lots of bright colors. If you are thinking that nail art stickers are just for funky teen-agers you can be wrong! There are designs that are made for formal affairs or for older clients.

Nail Polish Stickers VS Nail Polish

It really depends on the type of available product. If you like to add a dash of color on your nail polish, especially the white ones, using different designs of nail arts are the best way to add life to your fingers. You also have to be mindful of the content of some nail polish brands. There are brands that contain toxic chemicals that can be harmful to your health. Because of this, it is better to use nail stickers than suffer the consequence of having polished nails.

chic 3d nail art design

Pros and Cons of Using Nail Art

There are several pros and they are as follows:

  • Many designs that cannot be done with the available nail brush.
  • Fast to apply.
  • Not as toxic as many nail polish available in stores.

The cons on the other hand are:

  • This procedure is more expensive than the conventional procedures if you want it done in the salon.
  • You nails have the tendency to break easily. These type of nail art needs your nails to be long. Even if it is strong, it still has the tendency to break.
  • If you were not able to remove all excess stickers, it will be tangled on cloth surfaces that lead to the damage of your nails.

Types of Nail Art

Several types are invented to keep up with fashion evolution. These are:

  • Nails foil stickers. This has a glossy and glittery look.
  • Nail stripes. These are regular nail art that has linear designs. You can use this over white nail polish background.
  • Nail jewels. These are also stick-on where you will use rhinestones to decorate your nails.
  • Water marble. This is not really a sticker nail art. It involves technique in which you apply a drop of water from a tooth pick over a wet surface of nail polish. The result is a shinny gloss circles on your nail surface.
  • Nail tattoo stickers. The designs are as graphic as skin tattoo.

tattoo nail art stickers

Nails are great for expressing yourself through art. The key is to keep your nails healthy and pretty in shape. Nail stickers will look more attractive if you know how to apply and maintain it.