It is necessary to apply your fragrance or perfume at the proper places in the body so that you are guaranteed that the smell will linger longer. You should know how to apply perfume in order to get the best results as well as lasting all day long, without requiring you to spray your perfume once again. Remember that fragrances tend to respond to warmth so it is important to apply perfume to the various pulse points such as the wrist, cleavage, and elbow and back of the knees. Avoid rubbing your wrists once you have applied the perfume since it will only crush the smell.

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How to Apply Perfume the Proper Way

  • Take note that a good quality perfume usually lasts for six up to eight hours. On the other hand, it also depends on the kind and pH level of the skin. Perfumes usually last longer when applied on an oily skin since it has more moisture to hold the scent. For those with parched skin, you should use a moisturizer without any fragrant before the application of perfume so that the scent will last longer.

  • The degree of acidity in the skin or pH level also varies. This is the reason why perfumes have different effect in every individual. You should inspect every perfume meticulously and observe how it responds with your skin prior to selecting your own scent.

  • It is best to apply perfume behind your ears. Women can even place a tiny cotton ball placed with perfume within their bras for a lasting scent. Even a small spray on the hair can help, but it should only be in small amounts.

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  • You can also use similar scented products to coat on the fragrance, thus increasing the scent and for lasting scent.

  • If you want a womanly and romantic scent, perfumes based on ylang-ylang are the best choice. Perfumes based on sandalwood, jasmine, patchouli and rose have aphrodisiac properties.

Now that you know how to apply perfume for lasting results, it is time for you to choose the ideal perfume. If you want an oriental fragrance that offers a fresh floral note combined with luscious vanilla and warm opoponax, Guerlain Shalimar perfume is the best choice for you. It is indeed an attractive scent that you will surely love. By being familiar on how to apply perfume properly, you will surely get long lasting fragrance all day long.