Directed and written by Mike Judge and released by 20th Century Fox on February 19, 1999, the movie although simple and ordinary in its plot, has become a rave because of its successful portrayal of the mundaneness of being at a workplace. Because of its wry humor, iconic characters, and their trademark Office Space quotes, the movie Office Space has become a cult classic almost immediately after it was released.

To know more about how this movie made an impact on its viewers, here are some of the events and facts connected with Office Space, its distribution, development, and influence.

Cheerful Office Space Quotes

Office Space-Inspired Mobile Apps

  • Foursquare: In this app, when you are able to check-in any office establishment 15 times in a month, you will then have the so-called “9 to 5” badge. Once you’ve gotten the badge, a quote taken from the movie Office Space will be referenced.
  • Rock You: This famous video making and graphics maker gives you many options to choose from to add in your customized vids. These usually come in buttons with photos and captions taken from the characters in the movie, Office Space.

Motivational and the Best Office Space Quotes

Distribution of Office Space

4 years after it was distributed on 1999, the movie was able to sell around 2.6 million DVD and VHS copies. With the coming of recent developments on audio visual effects, the movie has recently been released in Blu-Ray Disc. Its distribution and popularity has also increased because of the many accolades it received. One such was on 2008, when Office Space was ranked as the 73rd on Entertainment Weekly’s “The 100 Best Films From 1983-2008” and it also came as in the 5th rank in its list of “25 Great Comedies From the Past 25 Years”.  Aside from that, the movie is also part of the top 20 best-selling DVDS from Fox. Although, the movie has not really been a huge blockbuster in theaters, it sold well in its VHS and DVD copies.

More Facts on Office Space’s Popularity

  • Comedy Central: This channel has been broadcasting the said movie in their channel last August 5, 2001, wherein 1.4 million viewers have viewed it. They again broadcasted it on 2003, and followed by more reruns years after.
  • Red Swingline Stapler: If you have seen the movie, you would notice Stephen Root’s character, Milton’s, inclination toward his red paint-sprayed stapler. Because of this, he became an iconic character, to the point that people were now asking him to sign their staplers. Also, the stapler used in the film was released only by Swingline 3 years after the movie’s initial distribution. The company would not have released it, if not due to insistent public demand from Office Space viewers.
  • 10th year reunion: A decade after the movie’s initial release, the cast that comprised the movie (except Aniston and Livingston who were not available then), gathered outside the Paramount Theatre that was situated in Austin, where they destroyed a printer in the sidewalk. This act portrayed the famous scene wherein Michael, Peter, and Samir took out all their frustrations on a printer. This scene was also re-enacted in the famous animated series, “Family Guy”.

Truly, Office Space have not only touched the hearts of the audience but has also made an indispensable legacy that has made its remarkable mark in the movie industry.