A barcode scanner is an instrument that basically reads printed barcodes on products. A code scanner usually has a red light reflection, which sends the symbols back to a converter. The converter has a readable code which then passes it to a decoder that translates these codes into a kind of text that makes it understandable to people. A barcode scanner app was made for people to be able to use their iPhones to scan codes for particular products. This helps a lot of people save money when it comes to making purchases because the consumer is warned of the price beforehand.

History of the Barcode Scanner

Owners of groceries and supermarkets experienced growth of their businesses and felt an urge to stock more items on shelves so that their customers could shop for everything under one roof. It became somehow difficult for them to keep records of what is available on their shelves and what is not. They used to count items that were on shelves manually to analyze what is in stock and what was out of stock.

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  • In 1948, a graduate student who attended Drexel Institute in Philadelphia overheard a conversation between a faculty and an executive food chain store. The executive was convincing the faculty to try and create a system that would be able to help them capture all products data at checkout counter.

  • Bernard Silver shared that idea with Norman Joe Woodland. It took them around 2 years of various experiments and different data collection techniques to find one that worked perfectly.

  • After different trials and errors, the first barcode scanner was invented using Morse code.

  • This has progressed with time such that they now come in different types such as USB barcode scanner and symbol barcode scanner.

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  • These barcodes are usually utilized in supermarkets, grocery stores, for industrial uses and many other applications.

Importance of a Barcode Scanner

  • As Price Tags: This is the most common use of a barcode scanner especially in retail stores and malls. They help in giving you a faster way of getting right prices for products.

  • For Organizing: Code scanners are used for organization or inventory tracking. All you need to do is to put codes on all existing assets, scan with barcode scanners and then have them recorded in your computer.

  • For Output Tracking: In case you are selling products online, it helps you take note of outgoing products.

It is important to always have a barcode scanner if you have a business that could make use of this as it helps you keep records of your outgoing and incoming stocks. Compared to keeping records manually, barcode scanners have a higher rate of accuracy.