2011 has seen a variety of hairstyles. Long, short, in between, but often with volume and body, there are a number of hot hairstyles this year. If you’re looking for a recap of 2011’s hottest hairstyles, then read on and decide if one of them is right for you. Even though 2011’s drawing to a close, many of these hot hairstyles for men and women are still popular.

ombre hair hot hairstyles

Popular 2011 Hairstyles


One of the hot hairstyles for long hair is a hair color called ombre. It’s suitable for other hair lengths, but shows itself best with long hair. Ombre has been described by some as having lightened ends with really long roots.

How To Achieve this Look:

  • It’s achieved by applying a lighter color to your hair’s ends, and working up the strands with less dye.
  • Once all the dye is washed out, the result is hair that has a gradient to it, ending in lighter tips, like hair lightened by the sun.

Ombre was one of the popular summer hairstyles in 2011, with many people choosing to add in a splash of color at the bottom of their hair for fun and definition.

Loose Curls

Soft, touchable hair with loose curls is another one of the hot hairstyles. Gone are the days of helmet hair, shellacked back with enough hairspray to put a hole in the ozone layer. 2011’s hair is feminine, with enough volume to make it not appear flat and lifeless.

loose curls hot hairstyles for teenagers

How To Achieve this Look:

  • Use a large barrel curling iron to get those lovely large curls, or waves if your hair doesn’t like to curl.
  • You can finish them with medium hold hairspray, and wrap the curls around each other a bit if they seem too defined.

This is one of the hot hairstyles for teenagers, because like ombre, it can be used on short, medium, and long hairstyles.

à la Garçonne

Another one of the hot hairstyles in 2011, and one that is showing staying power is the close cropped, super short cut sometimes called à la garçonne. Made popular by actresses such as Emma Watson, Halle Berry, and Selma Blair.

  • It’s a style best suited for women who have symmetrical features that aren’t too large, along with good proportions.
  • If you’re all forehead, a cropped cut will make it look twice as big.
  • Ask your stylist if you’re not sure if this cut is right for you.

The biggest trends in hot hairstyles for 2011 are touchable, soft, feminine styles, a good color, especially a gradient color like ombre, and short, cropped cuts that bring out the features. These hairstyles seem to have staying power, and should be popular throughout 2011 and into 2012.