With over 65 years of experience, Hoshizaki Electric Company has established its place as a leading manufacturer of ice machines, ice dispensers and refrigeration products throughout the world. With an attention to detail, constant innovation and first-class build quality; Hoshizaki ice machines can be found on nearly every continent of the world.

High Quality Hoshizaki ice machines

Uses Of Hoshizaki Ice Machines

The uses for Hoshizaki ice machines are nearly endless. Ideal uses of ice machines include:

  • Commercial kitchens
  • Dining rooms
  • Lobbies or waiting rooms
  • Multi-family housing units, such as apartment complexes
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Mobile vendors

Many ice machines include storage bins and are self-contained for ease of use and simple set up. If you are looking for a self-service appliance, many Hoshizaki ice machines are available with optional ice dispensers to offer a complete solution with one appliance. Other Hoshizaki products include commercial grade refrigerators, freezers, refrigerated display cases and water electrolyzers.

buying used Hoshizaki ice machines

With a variety of sizes, cube styles, output levels and designs, Hoshizaki ice machines can fit to match your needs exactly. This means less waste, increased efficiency and quicker return on investment. For additional savings, used Hoshizaki ice machines are available as well. With their quality and reliability, repairs for these ice machines are infrequent. Best of all, many Hoshizaki ice machines parts are available on the Internet to get you back up and running quickly and affordably.

Hoshizaki Ice Machine KM Series

One of the most popular lines in the Hoshizaki ice machine select is the KM series. These cuber machines offer reliable performance at affordable prices. Specific models include:

High Capacity Hoshizaki ice machines parts

  • KM-61BAH: This model offers 38 pounds of storage with an output of approximately 71 pounds of ice per day. The crescent cube design prevents clumping and makes it ideal for both beverages and kitchen use.
  • KM-101BAH: With a 56 pound capacity and approximately 115 pounds of ice production in a single day, this Hoshizaki ice machine is ready for the kitchen. Its crescent style cubes are easy to handle. The water circuit on the machine is designed for quick disassembly for quick and easy cleanings.
  • KM-201BAH: This model is one of the largest Hoshizaki ice machines available. With an 80 pound storage bin and the ability to produce up to 215 pounds of ice in a single day, the 201 is ready to keep up with the most demanding of uses. The unit’s pull out design makes it ideal for places where space is limited.
  • AM-50BAE: Unlike the previous models, the AM-50 is designed for under the counter installations. With a 30 pound storage capacity, 51 pound daily production and a convenient top hat cube design, these machines are ideal for the bar or small kitchen.

Reading Hoshizaki ice machines manuals

With such a wide selection of products and a first class global reputation, you can count on Hoshizaki ice machines to meet your needs and provide outstanding service for years to come. Most models include warrantees on all major parts for three to five years from the date of purchase. Specific warranty terms and conditions are available within the Hoshizaki ice machines manuals for your specific model or on the official Hoshizaki division website for your region.