Honeywell floor fans are a cooling system that makes people’s houses and offices more comfortable. Honeywell floor fans have been tested to be energy saving, safe and effective. Here are some kinds of Honeywell floor fans.

A high velocity floor fan works for a living room or any other medium to largish room in the house. An oscillating floor fan is good for the larger rooms in the house to keep these rooms cooler and more comfortable on a hot day.

3-speed reinforced grill metal black honeywell floor fan

Honeywell also has an oddly shaped fan called a tower fan that is a tall thin floor fan. This would be a more space saving fan than the regular oscillating fans. The tower shaped fan by Honeywell does not make much noise either, so it will be noticed less. It still can be controlled by a remote. It also oscillates as well, so one does really have a space saving oscillating tower fan. This is a great fan if one has many furniture pieces or a smaller space and still want an oscillating fan of any type.

Honeywell floor fans even have outdoor floor fans for decks or outdoor use. One may think this is odd, but people use these to keep off bugs and mosquitoes and cool them from the sun’s heat. They have longer cords so you can take these further from the house than you would a regular fan. They are water resistant and built for exposure to the sun.

honeywell oscillating tower fan with remote

Stand Honeywell floor fans are placed on pedestals from 3 to 4 feet behind and above furniture to cool a room in another out of the way area. If one has a room with quite a bit of furniture and little other area to place a fan, this is another option for him. These even oscillate too, so one can have another kind of oscillating fan for these furniture-filled rooms on a hot day.

Also, one can use these fans to circulate air in the house in other seasons too. If there are some rooms where there are no windows open, one can circulate air from where there is an open door or window and invite fresh air into a room with no opening window. Whether it is fall or spring season, these Honeywell floor fans are also nice to use as these fans keep the air fresh in one’s house, especially if there are several rooms where the window does not open.