Tips On Free Background Images

Personalizing your desktop is an option everybody must be doing with their computers.Free background images for desktop are available with a user interface for your computer’s desktop. It adds a background pattern to your computer, which allows for the display of icons, menus, and such other elements against it. Hence, they make your desktop background more attractive and cool.

There are numerous websites which offer free background images for computer whether its your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Various categories such as fine art, celebrity, animals, nature, and celebrity like hot Katy Perry wallpapers are among others. Free background images have been logically grouped into categories which make browsing easier such as beautiful nature scenes and appealing wallpapers in 3D of popular movies and games. Some of the more professional sites also offer high quality free background images in various resolutions for various monitor sizes. Selecting the best wallpapers becomes a great experience for users on these websites.

katy perry in pink adidas jacket high definition wallpaper


The more professional websites which offer free background images have exclusive designs which have been made with images as wallpapers in mind. Such websites provide images in various sizes and categories in order for users to get the best benefits when using wallpapers. Sometimes, they offer features of galleries on their site so as to help guests to select cool background images for their desktop. You can even have free background images for websites such as your twitter website.

The websites which have been dedicated for free background images have various collections of photos stock with high resolution and HD images which can be used as backgrounds for your desktop. Images are offered on these sites in many resolutions which are suitable for widescreen monitors with HD. Such websites offer categories which include cars, celebrity, and nature wallpapers among others.

Free background images are available in various resolutions, and being familiar with these resolutions will allow you to select images of high quality. The classifications for the resolutions of the screen may range in terms of images from 16:9 – 16:10 for widescreens and from 5:4 – 4:3 for full screens.

free nature clipart background high definition wallpaper

Indefinite Resolution Background Images

Some background images are made to be used specifically on a notebook, widescreen LCD, and HDTV widescreen. There are also free background images or wallpapers for computers with a double screen which uses two monitors and some even more. However, these wallpapers are harder to find.

Katy Perry Wallpaper

Katy Perry wallpaper is in great demand these days especially now when this hot, young singer has started off great in the music industry. A lot of her fans are wishing they can get their hands on the real Katy Perry but can still settle with her wallpaper plastered on their computer or their walls. There are actually different kinds of wallpaper of Katy Perry flooding the Internet that is why it won’t take you too long to find one to save on to your desktop.

chic view of katy perry wallpaper

Talk about getting a piece of the singing sensation today direct on your desktop. With Katy Perry desktop wallpaper, you can stay inspired while working on your computer. This saucy, sexy singer will definitely heat up your computer with her charming face and stunning body and if you want, you can have the option to change your desktop wallpaper every day or every week since there are quite a number of Katy Perry wallpaper out there to install.

high definition katy perry desktop wallpaper

Where To Install Katy Perry Wallpaper

There are lots of places where you can install your Katy Perry wallpaper. Most fans of Katy Perry often look for pictures, posters and wallpapers of this young singer to post in places they often see. Here are a few examples where these wallpapers of Katy Perry can be installed.

free hot katy perry wallpaper

  • Walls – You can buy Katy Perry wallpaper to grace the walls of your room if you wish. You can find some in local stores near you or perhaps download one online and print a huge poster.
  • Mobile Phone – You can even install Katy Perry wallpaper on your cell phone. There are lots of online stores that do offer wallpapers of Katy Perry that are designed for cell phone so you might want to check these out. If your cell phone has its own browser application, you can easily download one.
  • Desktops and Laptops – This is probably one of the frequent places where Katy Perry wallpaper HD is installed. Who wouldn’t install one on their computer especially when they often use it for their personal or work?

katy perry high definition wallpaper

There are quite a variety of Katy Perry wallpaper available today. Whether you prefer the sweet and charming version or hot Katy Perry wallpaper, you will find what you need online. One particular site that you can find such Katy Perry wallpapers is Fan Pop. Fans love Katy Perry not just because of her amazing voice, her ability to allure the crowd but also her sense of fashion. That is why they often look for Katy Perry wallpaper to get some inspiration for the day.

Katy Perry is indeed a modern music icon and with hundreds of Katy Perry wallpaper spread all over the Internet, there is no question how many fans out there wish they can see her all the time. If you are one of the millions out there who can’t get enough of this great female artist, you are probably getting your own Katy Perry wallpaper today.

Types And Tips On Caring For Guitars

The guitar is one of the most popular instruments in the realm of music. Guitars have been around for thousands of years and part of their enduring popularity is due to the fact that guitarists recognize the importance of caring for guitars.

musicians gear deluxe classical guitar case

Types of Guitars

To be able to carry out properly the steps in caring for guitars, it is a must to known and recognized the different types of guitar first.

  • Acoustic guitars are the most known and most common guitar type, with two sub-types: classical and steel-string. Classical guitar differ from the steel string type because it has a wider neck and uses nylon strings. Steel-string guitars use steel strings to give it a distinctive metallic sound.
  • Twelve string guitars have 12 strings, six of which are thinner. The 12 string is described as having a “jangly” sound with a broader range.
  • Electric guitars differ in several respects. This guitar has a solid body. The strings on and electric guitar are thinner and closer to the neck.
  • Bass guitars are typically electric guitars that produce a deeper tone and provide a driving beat and rhythm. Bass guitars have longer necks and thicker strings that resonate at a lower octave than a six string guitar.
  • Double neck guitars are a hybrid and are often found as combinations of six and 12 string guitars in one body.
  • Resonator guitars are less commonly found and distinguished by the spun aluminum sound hole cover, with the bridge connected to the cone. These guitars have a loud and bright sound that works well in jazz.

Proper Guitar Care

The life and sound quality of any type of guitar requires proper care. Caring for guitars involves several steps that will insure a long life.

  • Proper care for guitars should always include polishing it after it is played using a clear non-abrasive cleaner and a microfiber cloth. Note that some experts favor using a chamois to do the cleaning.
  • The strings should be wiped down to remove oils. Clean strings last longer and produce a clearer sound.
  • The fret should occasionally be cleaned with lemon oil. The best time to do this is when the strings are changed.
  • Any signs of cracks or other damages to the guitar body should be repaired by a professional.
  • A well built guitar case is another essential accessory for every guitar.
  • Play the guitar often.
  • Guitars are always built in a humidity controlled environment of 40-60 percent because the moisture level is critical to the quality of a guitar’s sound. A guitar humidifier is a must-have component to protect any guitar from the damages of cold and low humidity environments.

basic procedure of guitar care

Those cleaning tips are simple yet they are very essential to your guitars. Caring for guitars guarantees a longer life and years of enjoyable p

The Different Kinds of Guitar Accessories

Expert guitar players know how to fire up the sound of their guitar. One might find it true that it is not about the guitar but it is how you play the guitar to achieve great sound and music. However, there are some factors that can affect having a great sound using the guitar. Owning guitar equipment is one of the factors. Guitar equipment is not necessarily required for the players to use. But if you want to level up your style and achieve your desired music and sound, then you need to acquire some of the common guitar equipment. There are a lot of guitar accessories to choose from. Below are guitar accessories you should consider to buying.

grover guitar humidifier

Essential Accessories For Guitars

Guitar Case – it is the most important guitar accessory that the player should have. It will protect the guitar from scratches and cracks especially during travel. The musician should invest on buying guitar case for it will shield the guitar from the harsh hot and cold room or outside temperature. It is not recommended to opt for thin and soft guitar case for you to save money. Invest on the hard guitar case if you intend to protect your guitar. Some hard guitar cases have compartments for your other guitar accessories.

Capoboosts the pitch and sound of the guitar. This is the most loved guitar accessories for the beginners and experienced players. When players bought a capo, players can differentiate the sounds of the guitar with and without the capo. Some find it addictive to hear good quality sounds of the guitar using capo.

Guitar Humidifier controls the humidity to prevent the guitar from having some cracks. It is inexpensive and cost effective guitar equipment use for maintaining your guitar.

Guitar Tuner – It takes a lot of practice to know how to tune your guitar especially for the beginners. Some tune their guitars by basing to the sound of their piano or keyboard. For easy tuning of your guitar, guitar tuner is the solution to achieve the accurate tune or sound of the guitar.

Guitar Stand – it is where the player temporarily place his/her guitar. This is ideal for practices wherein the player place the guitar to the stand during breaks. There are different stands for different purposes. Most of the common type of stands is the portable one. Portable stands are best for travels. Frame stand and studio stand are the types of the guitar stand used for live performances.

Picks – is used to produce bright sound. Picks vary in thickness. It is available in thin, medium, and heavy gauge. Thin pick produces heavier sound. It is not designed for the heavy strings which found on the bass guitar. Medium pick is suggested to use for the beginners. Thick pick is good for playing single note lines. It is also popular for the bass guitar.

dreadnaught guitar case and protector

Acquiring guitar equipment is not costly. In fact, it can help you protect your guitar and maintain the good sound you always look for. Investing some of the mentioned guitar equipment will also keep your interest in playing guitar especially if you are a beginner.

Tips on Buying Used Guitars

Unlike used cars, used guitars are like wines and cigars. They sound and get better when they age. This is because the wood of the guitar undergoes a curing process as it age. Experienced guitar players know how to look for a fine used guitar. Moreover, you need to know what types of used guitars you want to purchase. You can choose on buying between used bass guitars or used electric guitars depending on your preferred choice.

However, it will be difficult for the beginners to evaluate a used guitar for to them buy. Hence, it is essential to know the following tips on how to assess used guitars for you to purchase.

used and efficient steel acoustic guitar

Tips on Buying Used Guitars

1. Check for cracks, scratches and dents of the guitar. You need to expect that used guitars undergone wear and tear conditions. Small scratches are acceptable but large cracks, dings and dents are not.

2. Examine the neck for warping. In examining the neck, you need to look down the side of the neck. The neck should be straight. If not and if the neck is slightly warped, adjusting the truss rod should do the trick. However, if the warping and bowing is prominent for some time, the neck should be replaced. Another way of checking the warping of the neck is to press the 6th string at the 9th and 1st frets. If you see a big space between the neck and the strings, it is advisable not to purchase it.

3. Check the bridge of the guitar. The bridge is located next to the sound hole of the used acoustic guitars. It is a piece of wood wherein the strings are attached to it. To check the bridge, you need to get a business card and slide it under the bridge. If you can slide the card underneath the bridge, then you need to fix it.

4. Check the strings and the fret. The strings must not be loose and rattled. You can do this by checking the intonation. Simply, play some notes. When you hear a rattle or any buzzing sounds, then, there must be problem with the bridge, strings or fret. If you are beginner and you don’t know how to check the intonation of the guitar, you can purchase a guitar tuner. Guitar tuner is not as expensive as buying a used guitar. You can save money from buying the guitar tuner since you can still use it when tuning your guitar. It is a must have guitar accessory for the beginner. This tip is not only applied to the used acoustic guitar but to the used electric guitars as well.

5. Check the brace of the guitar. You need to tap the top of the guitar. When you hear a sound crackling sound, then the brace of the guitar is loose.

comtemporary secondhand electric guitar

Aside from the mentioned tips on buying a used guitar, it is recommended for you to ask the seller of the guitar how long he or she owned the guitar. You can also ask if the seller did some fixing with the guitar before. Lastly, you can ask if owner has guitar humidifier and other accessory such as guitar case. This is to help you assess that the seller took essentials steps to enhance the curing process of the used guitars.

Tips on Buying an Acoustic Guitar

Choosing and buying a perfect acoustic guitar is exciting. Yet, it is intricate for beginners for there are a lot of good guitars to choose from. When choosing, one should consider the sound, and the types of guitar to buy. Reading some tips can save both of your time and money.

classic inexpensive acoustic guitar

1. Know your budget

You need to set a price range for buying your best acoustic guitar. This will identify how much you are willing to spend for your guitar. Setting a price range can help you save money to buy for another item for your guitar such as acoustic guitar tuner or guitar capo to enhance the perfect sound of your guitar.

2. Identifying your purpose

There are different types of acoustic guitar. Before mentioning those types, it is wise to know your objective in buying the guitar. You can play the guitar for fun, for your practices, live performance or for recording.

3. Know your styles for your guitar

Before buying a guitar, it is essential to know the different styles of the guitar. There are seven common styles of the acoustic guitar. Cut off, Classic, Jumbo, Dreadnought, small body, nylon string and steel string are some of the various styles of the guitar. Each style has different sound and purpose.

  • Classic – classic guitar will you an overall balance of the low, mid and high frequencies. It is good for fingerpick or some called it picking. It also excellent for strumming. Some prefer to use light strings since medium strings create tension. The classic guitars are designed for those who are light strummers.
  • Dreadnought – gives you the richer sound of a bass. The sound of the Dreadnought guitar is louder compared to the classic guitars. If you prefer a “boomy” sound, you can opt for this type of guitar. It is sensible to use medium strings for this type of guitar.
  • Jumbo provides strong bass sound like the dreadnought but it also looks like a classic guitar. Though, it is bigger than the classic guitar. This is commonly used by the performing artists. Like the dreadnought, the medium strings can be used in order to produce big “boomy” sounds.
  • Small body – it is used for children or beginners practices. Some small body guitars look like the smaller version of the jumbo guitars. It is said to be good for practices since the overall structure of the guitar such as the neck, body, and fret is smaller than any other guitars.
  • Cut off – is also considered as the acoustic electric guitar. It has a slender body but heavier compared to all types of guitar.
  • Nylon Strings – this type of guitar has nylon strings. It is durable compared to steel strings. Since nylon strings are thick, it enriches the bass sound of the guitar.
  • Steel Strings – this type of guitar has steel strings. The strings vary into two types, namely, the light and the medium. The buyer must always remember that the lighter strings give sharper sounds. Yet, there are brittle and not advisable for the heavy strummers to use.

epiphone gibson howard moder acoustic guitar

Aside from the tips mentioned above, it is important to assess the guitar if it has cracks, scratches and dents. It is also great to bring a friend who is an experienced player when you buy a guitar since he or she can assist you on assessing your guitar. Moreover, when you buy a guitar, you should also know how to care for it. With this, you might consider to buy for a guitar case or guitar humidifier to maintain the good quality of your guitar. It is not about the price for purchasing good quality and durability but it is how you take care of it. Hence, it is essential to do some research before buying an acoustic guitar. Look for more guitar reviews and tips on how to care of your guitar.