Do you get frustrated when after all the safety precautions have been made you still end up with messy spills on your lawn or in the floor? Sometimes hazardous chemicals might spill or leak even if safety precautions were applied. Spill kits play a very vital role to clean those hazardous chemicals that might pollute both the land and water. There are different types of spill kits and they can be identified according to the material that are used to take care of the spills. There are oil absorbent materials that you can sprinkle on top of the contaminants or sponge-like absorbents that you arrange around the spill in order to contain or prevent them from further spreading on the ground.

125L oil only wheeled spill kits

Inside the Spill Kits

The capacity to contain a certain quantity of spills also vary. The materials are usually kept or stored in a bucket where most of them have wheels and on the side are other compartments in order for you to separate different types of oil spill kits. For example, small kits may just consist of an oil absorbent bag as well as sand, sawdust or it might be a product that is similar to kitty litter. These are actually designed to wipe and clean up oil spills that are about five to seven gallons of liquid. These oil absorbent kits also include protective goggles as well as gloves.

To Better Understand Spill Kits

On the other hand, there are larger spill kits. These kits contain bucket of spill containment kits like socks or pillows. They are not your ordinary socks and pillows used at home. Here is a quick description for both of them especially made as part of the different types of spill kits;

  • Socks – Socks included in the kit are elongated tubular objects that are specifically designed to place around the area of an oil spill to prevent from spreading to other parts or area.
  • Pillows – Now, aside from socks there are also pillows included inside the spill kits. Unlike with socks, pillows are placed on top of the hazardous chemicals or oil spill. These pillows are highly absorbent. This certain kit might contain masks, gloves, goggles together with the instructions on how to use the product or components inside it.

fleet spill kit with cleansorb fleetus

Users need to be careful also because there are spill kits that for water used only. The kits for water have special absorbents which allow them to float on water. Because of this, the material can now absorb the chemicals or oil being spilled on water’s surface. Many factories as well as factories do have this kind of kits purposely designed in case of oil spill emergency. These kits are located near the areas with products that are hazardous for easy access when needed.

Truck spill kits are also available and must be always ready for truck drivers to be used, especially for those who haul hazardous waste in long distances. Spill kits plays a very important role in public places as well because you’ll never know when an accident might happen.