Who wants to pay bucks of money for a small bottle of perfume? There will be men who will not go for any expensive one even though they love the fragrance just to avoid spending too much money. But for women, expensive or not, it won’t matter as long as they have the favorite scent on their collection. A lot of online shops or local stores sell cheap cologne for men. There is wide range of choice where you can select and will totally love the smell even it’s cheap.

Cool but Cheap Cologne for Men

Examples of Cheap Cologne for Men

  • The Halston Man. This cheap cologne for men has fresh, light and has no overwhelming smell for men that won’t give any headache for those who smelled it. This is popular as a summer scent because women find it alluring. The cologne is made with lavender, mint, citrus and passion fruit that gives an unusual combination that man may not feel too virile. But still it is widely chosen because of the warm but not too overwhelming scent.
  • The 212 for Men. The simple yet virile smell was introduced in this perfume in year 1999. It is made with mandarin, iron woods, gajac, sandalwood, and incense with the warm spices and cool gardenia to have a nice blend. The smell is not too overwhelming and yet different among others.
  • The Diesel Zero. This is part of the Diesel cologne selections that was release mainly for teenagers due to the rough Bohemian style appeal. There is more to the scent than what is going on with the cheap cologne for men. It is made with cinnamon and nutmeg with a pair of warm base that comes off to the little spicy which makes the women coming back to smell more. Just like what the brand is known for, it comes with a cool package.

For Tough Men Diesel Cologne

  • The Grey Flannel. One of the consistent scents of men and released on a winter season. The ingredients are oakmoss, sandalwood and violet. It can be bought in almost all department stores near your place and usually in wide selection during winter. It can be a nice give for your man during Christmas season.

Here are some of the cheap yet high quality colognes for men. You can choose your own cheap cologne for men depending on the scent and price range. You can find cheap yet high quality colognes through online retailers or local stores near your area. All you need is to invest time and effort in searching for the cologne match to your budget and yet satisfied with the quality.