Denims are a classic piece of clothing that never goes out of fashion. This is a rugged type of fabric characterized by its traditional indigo color. These days though, denim fabric dyeing has been very popular that it created different colored jeans such as purple, red, pink, black and any color you can imagine. One example of a good quality jeans made of denim is Evisu.

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Evisu is a Japanese designer clothing brand that specializes on manufacturing and designing denim jeans. Not necessarily the modern colored denim, however, the Evisu jeans designs feature wacky and colorful characters or decals on the jeans itself. This brand was originally named Evis, which is derived from the Buddhist god of prosperity. This brand is proudly made in Osaka, Japan using American cotton. The designer, Hidehiko Yamane, personally painted the famous seagull logo on each jeans. This process costs really expensive that production is only limited to a dozen per day. Here are some of these designs.

unique ferocity tiger design evisu jeans

Men’s Jeans Designs Made by Evisu

  • Ferocity Tiger Design (EVSJ054): This is one of the famous designs made by Evisu. It features a yellow-colored tiger at the right side of the back part of the jeans starting from the pocket extending just about the upper leg area.
  • Heritage Indigo Regular Fit Classic Painted Daicock Jeans: This is the brand’s modern take to the Japanese 2001 cut which was inspired by the Levi’s overalls. This design features a classic painted Daicock on the buttocks part of the jeans. The Daicock name was inspired from a fertility god named Daicocku.
  • Puma Loose Fit B-Fly Jeans Buckle Buck: This design from Evisu mens jeans is soft distressed denim made of 100% cotton. It has a button fly with a buckle at the back of the waist.
  • Ramen JE79: This is also one of the authentic Evisu jeans style available in the market. It has a white painted logo at the back pocket of this pair of  jeans.

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It was during the 1990s that this brand has skyrocketed to fame due to its vintage style that became very popular. There are many more designs made by this designer brand. The price range of this brand can cost as much as £200 but not to worry, as there are many stores that offer clearance sales. You can then purchase Evisu jeans cheap and this will definitely not be too heavy on your budget.

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When purchasing Evisu jeans, make sure that you inspect the quality of the fabric, styles and stitches, as there are many imitations in the market these days. Do not be conned with many fake imitations especially in online shopping sites such as Ebay and Amazon.

So what are you waiting for? Amaze your friends when you turn up in one of your hangouts by surprising them with a wow factor when they see you in these trendy Evisu jeans. Not only are these jeans durable and high quality, they are also very fashionable. Check these jeans in your nearest department store now!