What makes Hayward pumps great? Using a Hayward super pump is synonymous to having a technically advanced large-capacity pump at your disposal. It is a super example of a cost efficient designed device that has set a minimum standard of value and excellence in the genre of modern pumps for swimming pools. The pump is carefully designed for spas and in-ground pools of almost every type. The super pump is a combination of high performance and improved technology. It is efficient, reliable and even boosted with longevity.

hayward super pump

Hayward is a renowned pump-manufacturing company. They aim to offer a helping hand to pool owners by manufacturing efficient products that require low maintenance and add true value to investments. The equipments of Hayward pumps come with cutting-edge technology and offer innovated pool equipments throughout the world for eighty years now. They offer pumping equipments perfect for backyard provisions. The advanced machinery line consists of heaters, filters, heat pumps, lighting, pool controls, salt-chlorine generators among others.

Types Of Hayward Super Pumps

Some of the variants of super pumps are listed below:

  • Sta-Rite Pumps
  • Astral Pumps
  • Certikin Pumps
  • Pool pumps
  • Mega pumps

Features Of Hayward Pumps

Pumps are one of the finest and advanced equipments of the world. They offer effective service and are even highly durable in nature under extreme conditions. Hayward super pump parts are also of highest quality, making the equipment one of the finest pumping devices for swimming pools and other spas. Their high capacity motors help fill up or extract water to or from pools in a very short time. Swing aside hand knobs offer enough advantage for cleaning strains. In addition to these, the load-extender ribs allow free-flow of operation. They are also safe and easy to operate. Added features are mentioned as follows:

  • Low sound emission, practically soundless in operation
  • Helps resist saline and chemical corrosion (under normal situations)
  • Noryl impeller offers high and standard performance
  • Highly economical, low in electricity consumption

hayward super ii pump

Advantages Of Hayward Super Pump

Such pumps offer plenty of advantages. Large see-through containers and super-sized basket for collection of debris adds extra protection from any kind of waste material that flow with the water. The design of the machine is even convenient for storage and conveyance. Mounting base of uni-bracket system offers splendid support, stress resistance and even versatility that is required for any kind of installation process. The Hayward super pump motor also achieves 48 to 56 frames, adding power for super performance. Several advantages that the hi-end swimming pool pump offers can be dubbed as follows:

  • Ceramic seal of industrial size and is even heat resistant in nature
  • Self priming and energy efficient

A Hayward super II pump comes as a relief to offer tremendous power and service for filling up larger swimming pools easily. Their extra power is outstanding with effective full-flow hydraulics that allows greater volume of water flow at considerably lower costs.


These advanced pumping facilities are therefore the latest innovation in the genre. In case, anyone wants to have a guaranteed product with great serviceability, Hayward super pumps would definitely take the leading position.