High efficiency detergents are those that are meant to be used with top loader or front washer machines. Detergents marked with the letters “HE” means they are high efficiency detergents and are formulated specifically for HE machines. Regular detergents should not be used with an HE washer. Doing so will damage your machine as well as your clothes. High efficiency detergent is formulated in such a way that it disperses quickly and does not produce a lot of suds. Here is more information about the high efficiency laundry detergent and how it should be used.

high efficiency laundry detergent

Usage Tips

  • Use Minimal Water
    A high efficiency detergent works so that it holds the dirt in suspension. This is how the soil or dirt is prevented from falling and settling on clean clothes. This detergent should be used with minimal water to wash clothes.

·        HE Washers Should Use HE Detergent Exclusively

When you have an HE washer then you can only use high efficiency detergent with it. Using regular detergents in HE machines is harmful because it produces high amount of suds and froth. These can interfere with the cycles of the machine, thus, possibly damaging the washer. The tumbling process will not occur as it is meant to be and clothes will not be cleaned. The whole cleaning and washing process will be delayed significantly. However, it is okay to use a high efficiency detergent in regular machines.

·        Follow Manufacturer’s Manual

Washers come with their own requirements and the HE washers’ manuals will specify the use of HE detergents. Some of the best high efficiency detergents in the market are Xtra Laundry Detergent , Tide, All Small and Mighty and Win High Performance Sport Detergent, among others.

best high efficiency machines liquid detergent

·        Powder And Liquid Detergents

Before using a particular type of laundry detergent, it is important to go through the manual and read the requirements. While some will accept both liquid and powder detergents, there are many HE washer brands that are very specific about the type of detergents that should be used. Some machines will only accept liquid detergents and some only make use of powder detergents. If you mix or interchange detergents, you might be faced with a clogged dispenser or caked detergent and residue that can lead to further problems.

There are numerous high efficiency detergent brands in the market today such as Tide, Ultra Sunlight and Xtra. Pick the packs that come with the symbol HE that stands for high Efficiency. If you buy your high efficiency detergent in bulk you will be able to save money. This is a good economical option because laundry is a necessity that you spend on weekly and the little discounts you get can be significant in the long run. Check out online store for various detergent coupons and online sale.