Whenever you want to go for a fun weekend somewhere with your love ones, it is better that you rent a car from Hertz, the renowned car rental anywhere in the world since they always give out Hertz coupon wherein you can get considerable amount of discount on your rental fee.

enterprise hertz car rental coupon

Hertz usually offer discount coupons with different percentages wherein you can avail of and by the time that you are going to rent a car from them, you can just hand your coupon to them to get such discount as specified on the coupon that you have. So, when you get a 10% coupon, then you will be discounted 10% of your total rental fee.

Sources for Hertz Discounts


Being a the company that offers good rental discounts through Hertz coupon, Hertz always see to it that Hertz coupon code is really being followed and is electronically identified so that nobody can just copy their designs of their coupon and can easily make a copycat code.

  • The codes that the Hertz made are usually bar-coded so that whenever their customer present a not genuine coupon they can automatically identify that such coupon is not from their own making.
  • Barcodes are made so that they can easily recognize their own coupons and the customer presenting it could readily avail of the discounts that the coupon is offering.

Printable Coupons

You will be able to simply get Hertz coupon that you need through printing it out for yourself. You can find the Hertz printable coupon over the internet on the website of Hertz itself. So, if you plan of renting a car from Hertz, you first look for some coupons that you can get over their site in the net.

  • In their site, you will be able to see various coupons with corresponding discount percentages and the description on what such coupon is for.
  • The amount of discount percentage that each coupon has depends on what such coupon is for, like it is for a discount on the total amount of rental, or you get a free of rent for one day, or discount for their members, and so much more.

hertz printable coupon discounts

Rental Coupons

There are different types that Hertz coupon may have, it is either for a coupon for their members who will get some discounts, a coupon stating for a specific day for rental, and the Hertz car rental coupon which considerably offers the most varied discount percentages depending as to its type of discount being offered. There may be coupons on rental for the kind of car that they may offer for rent on specified promo period. There are some coupons on rental that specify the discount amount that is to be deducted from the total amount of rent and not the percentage of it.


The Hertz coupon is usually marking the Hertz discount that they want to offer to their customers for a given promo period, and after which the promo period, most of their discounts will no longer be effected.

  • It is in their management’s discretion as to how much discount rate that they are going to give but usually it will never go beyond their specified discount rate.
  • You can just choose among the coupons on their sites and print out the one that you find is best for you.