Performance evaluation forms are popular tools in appraising staff and employees of human resource departments, organizations and managers. Hence, one must be wondering what these performance evaluations should contain and the questions it must be asking the subjects. Looking for performance evaluation examples would really be helpful in cases where you don’t really know what to ask. You can find numerous performance evaluation examples online wherein most are brief and would only extract what is essential from the subjects.

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Looking For Performance Evaluation Examples

Organizations often look for employee performance evaluation examples to use as part of their assessment of employee performance. When used as an initial point for periodic review program development, the samples result to staff and employees who are more productive and satisfied with their work. When developing the review program, most companies go to their labor relationship board as their first stop.

An online labor relations site is operated by most states in cooperation with their respective Employment Security Office. The evaluation examples that can be found on these sites comply with state laws and understood by government employees with regards to the issuance of discipline to them.

If job performance evaluation examples are not available from the local or state labor board, the business owner or manager must develop the evaluation themselves. A sample phrase from performance evaluation examples could be used but they must be personalized to fit your own or your company’s goals.

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Ratings scales are used in performance evaluation examples. A typical scale is as follows:

Scales or Ratings Used in Performance Evaluation Examples

  • Unsatisfactory – this means that main improvements are needed
  • Needs Improvement – this is higher than unsatisfactory but could be done better
  • Meets Expectations –  duties are performed as ordered with minimum amount of supervision
  • Excellent – all duties are done in a cost effective way with measurable results that are positive
  • Outstanding – performance is above and beyond the requirements of the current position

There are many ways to scale performance of workers inside an organization. You can also go with numerical scales wherein the lowest number describes dislike and the highest represent favor.

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What Performance Evaluation Should Ask

Here are performance evaluation goals examples that are typically contained in general performance evaluation examples. These are normally evaluated in most performance evaluation forms to assess the current state of the organization.

Quality of Work

  • Consider effectiveness, thoroughness and accuracy
  • Pressure or the capability to meet certain quality standards
  • Performance of work matches established expectations

Quantity of Work

  • Thoroughness, efficiency and competence at work no matter what the volume is
  • Accuracy and neatness


  • Launch and sustain effective working relationship
  • Shares resources and information with co-workers
  • Follows supervisor instructions and respond to team member requests in a positive manner
  • Contributes time and effort to the performance of the team to meet goals and realize team success
  • Overall efficiency when working together

Knowledge of the Job

  • Applies the right procedural and technical knowledge in a particular field
  • Degree of technical ability
  • Knowledge of work procedures, facts, information and methods that related to the assigned tasks
  • Perform assignments with minimum amount of supervision but consults with the right staff and seek supervision if and when needed


  • Creates and recommends own procedures and consider the degree of the employee’s own constructive work
  • Improve and implement new procedures, ways, concepts, solutions, applications and designs of present procedures and designs. A self-starter
  • Accepts more responsibilities and challenges and assist team members willingly. Self-reliant
  • Assignments are completed in a timely manner

Interpersonal Relationships

  • Consider the degree of consideration, tactfulness and cooperation of the employee in dealing with coworkers, faculty, students, supervisors, managers and others

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Health and Safety compliance

  • The degree of compliance that the employee exhibits on company ordered safety rules

These are just some of the contents of performance evaluation examples. One should also consider the fact that performance evaluations would largely differ when evaluating different levels position in the organization. It is important that everyone is account for even the supervisors and managers. One could try a mix of self-appraisal types of performance evaluation examples and the typical evaluation wherein the subject is evaluation by somebody else. Overall, performance evaluation tools prove to be very important in goal-setting, training and re-training and other aspect of an organization.