Perfumes have been used for many years now to smell great. There are many different options of perfumes to choose from today thanks to the rising demand and the need of wearing perfumes. That is why you need to know which the best scent is for you before making a choice. Perfume selection is the most important factor because if you pick the wrong scent, you might just end up repelling people from you. There are many perfume selection tips that you could follow and buy the best perfume for you. Here are a few of these tips based on different factors.

scented oh lola perfume for women by marc jacos

How To Choose A Perfume That Suits You

  • First and foremost, you need to know which smell you love the most or the kinds of smells that please your senses the most. Take some time out and list out different smells that you find appealing so that you get a head start.
  • If your friend or a passer-by is wearing a perfume whose smell is endearing to you, don’t shy away from asking about the perfume. That may be the perfect perfume for you too!
  • It is fine to take the advice of the salesperson when you select a perfume but always make sure you go by your taste and not get completely influenced by the salesperson’s opinion. In the end, you will be wearing it.
  • You should never judge the smell of a perfume immediately after spraying it. It is usually very strong as soon as it escapes the bottle due to the presence of alcohols. You won’t be able to get the exact smell until after a few minutes. So wait and then smell it before deciding. This is one of the most important and the most frequently missed out perfume selection tips.
  • Don’t ever try more than two perfumes at once because your nose will end up getting confused. Chances are, it will lead you to make the wrong choice too.

Season-Based Perfume Selection Tips

  • You should choose lighter scents such as citrus and floral ones for summer. Heavy perfumes will be very overpowering during the hot weather due to the sweat. Synthetic ocean breeze perfumes are ideal if it is very hot because they bring in pleasant scents. Marc Jacobs Lola selections are a great choice for this season.
  • Perfumes made out of cinnamon and other spices are perfect for the autumn.
  • Musk perfumes are the best for the winters. You can also choose spice, sandalwood, etc. You can use stronger perfumes during the winters.

classic marc jacobs lola perfume fragrance for girls

Occasion-Based Perfume Selection Tips

  • Wear light and simple fragrances to office. Always choose lighter perfumes for everyday use.
  • If you are partying at night, go for civet and musk.
  • Floral scents are ideal for weddings.

Let these perfume selection tips guide you in choosing the appropriate scent you need in every occasion. Remember, never overdo when spraying perfumes because when you do, the alcohol content of these fragrances are heightened thus giving off a very strong smell.