The health benefits of chocolate are enormous, which further enhances the reputation of this mouthwatering treat. However, you must know the particular kind of chocolate you should eat because not all variants are good for you. One thing about chocolate is that if ever you need a quick fixing, it is a ready solution. Just one bite is enough to make you have that warm feeling and you will start feeling good all over. And since the product is composed of natural ingredients, it is a real giver of natural high. Here, you will explore the many health benefits of chocolate.

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Health Benefits of Chocolate

Here is a quick rundown of the various health benefits of chocolate.

  • Chocolate contains more than 300 substances, which provide positive effects to general health. It provides serotonin that gives a blissful feeling of happiness. It decreases the amount of bad cholesterol that could result to various cardiovascular ailments.
  • In addition, it also contains phenylethylamine, which provides that giddy general feeling, especially if you consume huge amounts of chocolate.
  • Chocolate is also known to be a factor in longevity. It can prolong life through the oleic acid that is found in cocoa butter, which is responsible for increasing good cholesterol.
  • With the amount of epicatechin and flavonoids in chocolate, blood vessels are widened and relaxed, thereby preventing heart diseases and strokes.

Not all variants of chocolate have the health benefits of chocolate though. There are large numbers of chocolates that can be bought in markets all over the world. One of those that you should avoid is milk chocolate, which has a preparation that is high in fats that are bad for the heart. If you want to get all the health benefits of chocolate, eat the best kind, which is dark chocolate. This product is safe even if you eat it in large amounts. Other preparations that are good for general health are those that contain fruits and nuts such as chocolate covered almonds. Conversely, avoid products that contain nougat, caramel and other fillings. Such ingredients increase the amount of fats and sugar in chocolate, which negates many of its benefits.

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However, it does not mean that you will have to eat large amounts of chocolates every day. Remember that even with the health benefits of chocolate, it is still a food that is high in fat and calories. Many of the studies that were conducted used only about a hundred grams of dark chocolate. This is enough to give you all the benefits that chocolate has. With this knowledge, eating chocolates will even be more fun and nutritious.