To keep pace with the latest trends, many people color their hair. Others use hair dyes and hair colors to hide their gray hairs. But they are hardly aware of the dangers of using hair color and often go by the names and advertisements.

Must Know Dangers of Using Hair Color

Every time an individual uses hair color to darken the whites and grays or refresh the purple streaks and reds, she/he takes great risks unknowingly. The harmful effects and the dangers of using hair color are too scary. Only practical experience can stop the random habit of coloring the hair.

Main Effects of Hair Colors

  • Allergy: Skin rashes and irritation is one of the most common problems faced by users of hair colors. Sometimes the rashes turn out to be so severe that the entire face and neck swell up and it looks as if the person is deformed. It is highly humiliating. Irritation too, if persistent, turns into wounds due to scratching. Sometimes the skin takes on a burnt appearance with blisters all over the face. The skin on the face and neck is highly sensitive and the hair colors that come in contact with the skin affect it. The dangers of using hair color could also bring one to the hospital. Steroid injections are given to treat such problems and it takes quite a few days to get back to normal.
  • Staining: This is another problem that irritates everyone. If the hair color touches any other thing except the hair, it spoils the object. It is very difficult to clean hair color satins.
  • Hair Damage: Although hair may look very stylish and gorgeous, continuous use spoils the quality of the hair and it gradually loses the shine and bounce. Hair becomes brittle, unmanageable and dull. There is increase of split-ends too that make the hair look untidy as well.
  • Eye Damage: If by any chance, hair color comes in contact with the eyes, it will be the most dangerous experience of life. It not only causes irritation and burning, but may lead to blindness.
  • Cancer: Cancer is a painful disease and is known all around the world. Researchers have opined that the continuous use of dark hair color for a period of twenty years or so is conducive to cancer. So it is very important to consider the dangers of using hair color and then use it.

The ingredients to be avoided in hair colors and dyes are namely Resorcinol, Ammonia, Paraphenylenediamine (PPD), Napthalenediol, Methoxymethyl-p-Aminophenol, Diamino-1-1H-Pyrazole Sulphate and many others. However, well known companies maintain the regulations and take care about the quality of the products they offer, as they are conscious about their reputation. Herbal Essences hair color shampoos and conditioners are famous for their quality products and are used by many people who are satisfied with them. Color me vibrant, That Shine and Shade-on-shade Highlights from Herbal Essence hair color are widely used.

Get Fab with Herbal Essences Hair Color

Most health conscious individuals and those who are aware of the dangers of using hair color are opting for herbal products with natural ingredients and herbal extracts that keep the hair healthy and beautiful. So now it is up to you to be wise when choosing your hair products. Having your hair colored is fun and makes you more confident but always ensure your health is not at risk before dyeing your hair.