Millions of households own their own swimming pools and appreciate the benefit of cooling off on those hot summer days. Everybody can also enjoy the benefit of a clean swimming pool, however, the work associated in cleaning and maintenance is not appreciated. But you don’t need to worry because there is a solution. The Hayward Pool Company provides many fine products to make the chore of cleaning the swimming pools a bit easier. Here is a list of pool cleaning tools you will need for basic pool cleaning and maintenance.

list of pool cleaning tools

Easy Pool Cleaning Steps

Every cleaning task can be made easier if you know where to begin and what to use. Here are simple steps and tips in cleaning your pools;

  • For basic pool cleaning, simply connect one end of the swivel hose to the triangle brush vacuum head and the triangle brush vacuum head to the telescopic pole.
  • Then attach the other end of the swivel hose to the skimmer basket and pool filter attachment in order to create a strong suction flow from the bottom of the triangle brush head. Now you are ready to have some fun.
  • Standing on your pool deck and holding the telescopic pole handle, slowly sweep the triangle brush vacuum head along the bottom of the swimming pool where the dirt has settled. If you sweep the vacuum head to fast, the dirt will just get lifted up from the bottom and settle again after the water is calm again thus increasing the amount of time you will spend cleaning your pool.
  • When you are not using the vacuum, attach the leaf skimmer to the telescopic pole to skim the water surface to remove leafs.

In today’s lifestyle, it is certain that everybody lead busy lives and will agree that keeping the pool free of leaves and other small debris is a major chore. To make everybody’s lives a bit easier, the Hayward Pool Company carries a full line of automatic swimming pool cleaners made for all types of swimming pools to go with their list of pool cleaning tools.

hayward pool vac

Popular Pool Cleaning Products from Hayward

     •Hayward Shark VAC robotic swimming pool cleaner

     •Hayward Diver Dave automatic above ground swimming pool cleaner

  • Hayward Pool Vac Ultra XL automatic swimming pool cleaner

     •Visit Hayward’s web site for a complete list of pool cleaning tools

The last thing a person wants to do is to spend hours cleaning swimming pools each week. These automatic swimming pool cleaners are great time savers. The automatic swimming pool cleaners can operate independently of the swimming pools filter system or it can be connected to the pools filter system utilizing the pool filter’s suction just like the manual vacuums. Whichever automatic swimming pool cleaner you decide to purchase, it will do a great job of cleaning your swimming pool. Now, enjoy your weekend!