Keeping your swimming pools clean is quite hard if done manually. So swimming pool pumps are made to facilitate a filtration system. Like in humans, it is the very heart of the system to make it function. One of the top brands you shouldn’t miss looking at is Hayward Pool pumps. Hayward is the leading company among the many that provide pool pumps and other products such as heater, heat pumps, cleaners and filters. They provide high quality products for more than 80 years and continuously create reliable equipments.

high performance hayward northstar

Hayward pool pumps are available in different models – Super Pump, Super Pump II, Tristar, Northstar, EcoStar, and MaxFlo II. These have different features but they all provide excellent results. Among the following Hayward pool pumps, Super Pump and Super Pump II have received the best reviews.

Both of the two best selling Hayward pool pumps are dependable, cost efficient and engineered for maximum operations on in ground pools and in-ground spas. These pool pumps have larger capacity baskets that aids in its efficiency and better performance compared to the other models. It also fits in any size and shapes of swimming pools. Both are strong and have high performance although super pump II provides stronger pump and can give you greater performance.

Hayward pool pumps motors are heavy-duty and long-lasting. But after years of usage, it is also possible that it might need a replacement. Just like any other motors, they also have their time of decreasing functionality. Fortunately, replacement parts of Hayward pool pumps are offered too through the company’s dealer network. They have genuine parts of Hayward pool pumps for sale for their customers and can be found easily.

Hayward has different terms and conditions of their sales. Before you purchase products from the company, make sure that you read first their conditions of sale. They only provide limited warranty as they guarantee you of products free from defects. They provide a year of warranty for repair from the time you bought their product.

hayward power-flo LX above ground swimming pool pump

The company is also allowing customers to pay within 30 days the product they obtained. However, if you fail to pay within the allotted time, it may cost you interest and therefore, increasing the amount that you will have to pay to them. It applies to Hayward pool pumps as well as to their other products.

Hayward pool pumps troubleshooting guide is provided also in their website. They have included there frequently common queries of their customers such as “Why is my pump noisy?”, “Can I run my pump without water? “, and many more.