Harry Potter is a world renowned series that is highly loved by all; there is endless merchandise to purchase if you are a true Potter fan, or perhaps as a gift for a loved one. Ones of the most popular items by far is the Harry Potter chess set. Due to the unique and beautifully crafted pieces, the Harry Potter chess set captures your attention from the start.

super amazing harry potter chess set

The Different Types of Harry Potter Chess Sets

The Harry Potter chess set comes in a variety of styles, and they make a perfect gift for avid chess-playing Harry Potter fans, or as an incentive for fans to learn the art of chess.

The different styles of Harry Potter chess set include:

  • Harry Potter Chess Set
  • Harry Potter Wizards Chess Set
  • Quidditch Chess Set Silver & Gold Plated
  • Harry Potter Final Challenge Chess Set

stunning harry potter chess set

Harry Potter Chess Set

This classic Harry Potter chess set is one of the cheapest Harry Potter sets available.

Its main features include:

  • Detailed miniatures that replica the characters, which Harry and Ron fought in the movie
  • Characters from the movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
  • 32, detailed, hollow inside, cast-resin, chess pieces
  • Heavy duty, white and blue square, glossy, cardboard fold-out chess board

Harry Potter Wizards Chess Set

The Harry Potter Wizards chess set is in a similar price range as the classic Harry Potter chess set.

Its main features include:

  • A replica chess set based in the Wizard Chess used in the finale of the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone movie
  • Cast-resin chess pieces that are accurate to the movie
  • Thick, single piece, blue and white squared, glossy board
  • Manufactured by NECA

real man sized harry potter chess set

Quidditch Chess Set Silver & Gold Plated

The unique and aesthetically striking Quidditch Chess Set Sliver & Gold Plated is a beautifully crafted, collectible set.

Its main features include:

  • Players can opt to use their favorite Hogwarts House as their team to play with.
  • They can also choose to have the different houses be rivals against each other.
  • All pieces are stored safely inside the chess board for preservation and protection
  • Chess pieces are enameled and die cast
  • Chess board is crafted from hardwood with 25K gold plated attachments

Harry Potter Final Challenge Chess Set

The Harry Potter Final Challenge chess set has been produced exclusively for The Noble Collection; a premier company which has established itself as one of the many producers of collectible swords, daggers, and knives. By bringing detailed design and sculpture to each chess piece, and heightened concept, the company has captivated the loyalty of collectors and has brought forth a new generation of chess enthusiasts.

spectacular harry potter sorcerers stone final challenge chess

Its main features include:

  • Chess pieces that have amazing special effects
  • Magic wands that move the magnetic chess pieces
  • Unique and spectacular light up board
  • Storage case to protect all pieces

Multiple extras such as, floating magic pen, time-turner, and other accessories to enhance gameplay