The Harmony remote control came into being in 2001, when it was created by an Ontario based company called Easy Zapper. It was later named as Intrigue Technologies and acquired by Logitech in May of 2004 for 29 million dollars. Today, the company produces a line of universal remote controls that are marketed under the “Harmony” brand name.

harmony remote control universal

The Harmony remote control by Logitech is known for its control interface that is geared towards user activity selection, which is in contrast with the earlier models of remote controls that are command based. The remote control works by sending individual commands to system components, and then configuring them for the activities that are selected by the user.

The Harmony remote control makes it easier to do what you want to do by simply touching a button. If you want to play your DVD for instance, or turn on your music player, you just have to send a command from a Logitech Harmony remote control by pressing a button, and all the devices that you want will activate the way you like it. You do not have to do an online setup. In addition, remote controls made by Logitech are also smart enough to manage different kinds of devices for channel, play back and volume controls, and allow different behaviors in each action.


advance harmony 890 remote control

The first Harmony remote control that integrates both radio frequency and infrared wireless features into one gadget is the Harmony 890 remote control. The remote device also features a docking station, rechargeable battery and an RF base station. Like every Harmony universal remote controls in the market, the Logitech 890 can also be programmed online and is compatible with both Mac and Windows.

logitech harmony universal remote control

The online setup does not require a code to be keyed in to your remote. You just have to connect the device to your Mac or PC, log in to and input information about your particular system. The internet setup software of the company will then program your remote control, to make it compatible with your particular entertainment system. There is even an online help provided by the site for those who need it.

Logitech knows that not all entertainment systems are the same. You may only need basic control on four devices, but another may require a customized command structure set for more than 15 complicated components, such as a home theater system. Thus, the line of Harmony remote controls has a design for every imaginable home situation, from the simple Harmony 300 to the complicated Harmony 1100.

harmony home remote control by logitech

Gone are the days when you need a separate remote control for each of your components. The Harmony remote control will let you manage every function of all your devices, allowing you to access video, adjust volume or change screen size with just a single remote. Harmony remotes have sculpted buttons that are arranged in a logical manner. Thus, it is very easy to find a function that you want. Many designs also have backlighting, so you could use one even in the dark.