If you’re in the market for a brand new Avanti refrigerator, then you are someone who recognizes quality. A high-quality, durable appliance is important but sometimes you require that specific installation. With products such as the Avanti wine refrigerator, and all their coolers, you get a refrigerator that is custom built for compact spaces. These are ideal for countertop installations and small rooms.

two-door apartment size refiregerator platinum finish doors

Brief Company Background

This company is known for the Avanti compact refrigerator. They make a quality line of wine coolers, beverage chillers and countertop appliances. The company prides itself in manufacturing over 20 Energy Star compliant cooling systems and a line of water dispensing systems as well.

For over 39 years, Avanti refrigerator parts and appliances have been in business. From upright coolers to chest freezers and apartment-sized appliances, you get it all from Avanti. Their core competency is creating refrigerators that fit in small areas.

stainless steel energy star reversible compact refrigerator

Specialization and Features

What makes the Avanti refrigerator so noteworthy is their specialization in a specific cooling industry. They focus their research and development of compact-sized cooling units. Let’s have a closer look at some of their advantages as a product line.

  • Size – The Avanti refrigerator is perfect for apartment living. Also, if you live in a dorm or even if you wish to have a refrigerator in your office at work, these are perfect. The Avanti compact refrigerator is made specifically for small dimension installations.
  • Capacity – Avanti wine refrigerators have the capacity of holding 8-160 bottles of wine. That is a generous storage capacity.
  • Party Pub – This party in a refrigerator box holds two-5 liter kegs and includes shelf space for additional storage. It also includes a window for observing the kegs dispensing your favorite draught. The high-end finish of a platinum door and black cabinet give this refrigerator a luxury look at an affordable price.
  • Warranty – They support their units and have a dedicated phone line to call in. Should you have any issues arise, you can call the number and even ask where a local repair technician is located. This helps ensure you keep your Avanti refrigerator operational for many years after your purchase.

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Maintenance Tips

Taking care of your Avanti refrigerator from a maintenance standpoint is similar to most appliances. You’ll want to make sure you observe all storage capacity weight and dimensions when storing your goods in the unit.

Keep the exterior of the unit clean and dry so as not to oxidize the surface and risk scratching or damaging the unit. All venting areas should be kept clean and away from flammable or very wet surfaces whenever possible.

avanti superconductor stainless steel compact refrigerator

If there are any issues of troubleshooting not included in your manual, then call the Avanti warranty phone number. That number is found in your paperwork and on their main corporate website. It is not advisable for you to disassemble the unit to perform maintenance on it yourself. There are authorized dealers and specialists who can fix your Avanti refrigerator for you in order to help