If you are looking for the ideal outfit for a special event or occasion, you have to make sure that you know how to choose a neckline that is ideal for your body and face shape. With the correct neckline, not only it boosts your attractiveness and balances your body structure but also speaks about your attitude and lifestyle. There are various designs and patterns to choose from but the decision depends on various factors such as body proportion, face frame, comfort level and many more so that you will know how to choose a neckline that suits you best.

fancy girls jewel neck shirt design

Tips on How to Choose a Neckline

  • If you have a short neck and would want to give it a longer and elegant look, you should opt for a V or a scoop neckline. On the other hand, avoid this neckline if you have a double chin.
  • The draped neckline is highly suitable for those with big busts since it will provide a slimmer or leaner appearance by playing down the bust size.
  • For those with a heart shaped face, it is best to choose the boat neckline or the jewel neckline designs.  The boat neckline is also flattering on women with long necks and small heads since it will make them look wider.
  • If you have a small bust line, you can emphasize it by choosing boat or jewel necklines.
  • If you have round shaped or diminutive shoulders, it is recommended to avoid wearing clothes with plunging necklines since they are suitable for those with well balanced and an evenly proportioned body.
  • Those with well-colored skin and fixed necks should opt for the square shaped neckline. The deepness of the neckline usually depends on the comfort level as well as the situation where you will be using the outfit.
  • For those that have broad and circular faces, use square, V, scoop necklines or even mock turtlenecks.
  • Those with long necks should choose the cowl neck, mandarin, notched, funnel, convertible and the turtleneck.
  • Avoid wearing a choker if you possess a short or broad neck or even with a double chin. You should opt for those with strapless or the blouses with the V necklines.
  • The Victorian high collars are flattering to those with a thin or long neck. For a casual look, it is best to pair it with comfortable slacks or jeans.

girl retro victorian full lace long sleeve pearl bead top blouse high collar

Always take note of the following when choosing the ideal neckline for you. With the tips discussed above on how to choose a neckline that best suits your face and body, you will undoubtedly look best in whatever outfits you will wear.