There is a new and more advanced Green Star juicer model that is out in the market. This is the Green Star 3000 juicer, which follows the 2000 model. The real difference between these two models is that the 3000 version can be used to make Japanese rice cakes and pasta.

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This latest model is becoming popular because it can process a wide selection of raw foods including leafy greens, apples, carrots, celery, wheat grass, beets, herbs and more. Even though it can manage practically any kind of raw foods, it’s been widely acknowledged as one of the high-quality juicers for vegetables. It is especially effective when it comes to juicing green leafy vegetables like lettuce and spinach in addition to the stringy and fibrous ones. It’s also possible to use this Green Star juicer to process different types of fruits and prepare many combinations of vegetable and fruit juices. In addition to that, this GS 3000 model can prepare baby foods, sauces, pates, desserts, pasta, nut butters and more.

Green Star Juicer differs from the rest in a way that aside from the obvious advantage of having the capacity to juice nearly every kind of vegetables, this juicer comes with some amazing features that the manufactures claims to help distinguish it from the other models on the market. This juicer can extract a high amount of essential minerals including calcium, zinc, iron and others. The manufacturer states this is able to produce juice about 50% to 200% mineral content as opposed to other to juices on the market. The juicer can eliminate toxic metals like lead and mercury during the process of compressing and slow grinding vegetables. Moreover, twin gear juicer technology is used to operate this model. This technology works in a way that will guarantee that whilst vegetables are slowly compressed and ground, the toxic metals join with pulp (cellulose) and will be kept from the juice.

Green Star Elite Juicer
These are just some of the features of this model, but it is said that the twin gear technology with the slow rotating speeds and close clearance in between the gears actually makes a lot of sense. There is really no doubt that these features contribute to the good results that this juicer is known to deliver. For one, it allows production of large amounts of juice with the most enzyme and mineral content from certain vegetables in addition to removing heavy metals.

The bottom line is that the amazing technology and other features just help to confirm why Green Star gadgets are regarded as some of the best juicers on the market. Even though some people might not be comfortable with this type of technology, they will soon realize how they can benefit from this Green Star juicer at home.