Golf hats are a wear fit for men, though there are a variety of designs for women as well. They vary in types and designs as well. We see them mostly worn during golf tournaments and events by golf players. To some extent, the hats complete the total professional golfer look. They are durable and also a way to go for anyone under the hot sun.

Golf hats for men have different brands of many designs and are an essential kit to anyone especially under the hot sun and also as a protective gear. There are the main types of golfer’s hats, the main ones being:

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  • Panama Hats – This is a unique collection that has even hand woven hats that are made from straws, reeds and dried leaves. The others are generally hand stitched. They are a traditional wear that has recurred in the recent times and been modernized. Panama hats are mostly in use during the summer time or during the tropical weather. In the fashion industry, they are used in matching suits in accordance with designs and materials.
  • Gambler hats – more or less suited as a panama hat as they are similar in design. They are also a handy type that helps protect the eyes from the burning sun due to the extended crown. They are more fit like the panama hats.
  • Coconut hats – Are hand woven hats that are made from straws. These hats are exclusively made from coconut straws and leaves that are dried under the sun. They are lightweight and handy to anyone for cover.

From these main types, there are other shapes and designs that are made for the golf hats for men. One of the designs included are the golf bucket hats that take the shape of a bucket. Bucket hats are used in different occasions and sports but golf hats have been fit into shape and design of these bucket hats.

Golfers have made hats as part of the exclusive wardrobe that gives a more relaxing and a more subdued look. There are golf hats for men as well as custom golf hats made for women. Women hats are lighter and simpler in selection and wear, basically from the designs and even color. Women opt for hats that are fit for their head shape and the hair styles.

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Some of the popular designs in the hat industry are the Polo hats that vary in size, type and quality. They vary from designer to designer, famous one being Ralph Lauren who founded the collection himself. It has become the most recognized collection in sports, from the t-shirts to the hats. They too have a wide selection of golf hats that will suit your style and sporting needs.