In most cases, the golf clubs on display at the pro and regular golf shops are designed to standard specifications. This means that if customers don’t match those specifications, the equipment will not be suitable. If you don’t have the right golf club fitting, it will be impossible to reach maximum performance. Bear in mind that it’s necessary to get a customized fitting from an experienced and trained club fitter prior to making a purchase.

customized golf club fitting

A professional club fitter is going to test for seven related parameters during a session for custom golf club fitting. This includes shaft flex, shaft length, lie angle, golf club head design, grip size, shaft type and set make-up. The different variables will be explained briefly in the following paragraphs:

Shaft Flex – This will impact things like trajectory, distance, consistency and accuracy. When you are taking a golf swing, this will cause the club to flex throughout until it meets the ball squarely on impact. If you have a wrong shaft flex, this will significantly minimize your chances of making solid contact consistently.

Shaft Length – In addition to other things, the shaft length can affect where the ball will consistently hit the clubface. When you have the right shaft length, this will prevent you from changing your natural swing arc to make the best impact.

Lie Angle – When it comes to golf club fitting, this means the angle that is formed by the club sole and shaft. With the right lie angle, this means that the club head center will touch the ground. When the club head toe is elevated, a hooking shot might result, while a slice or push shot will result if the heel is raised.

custom golf club fitting services

Clubhead Design – This factor is now important due to the advent of moment of inertia or MOI, particularly for those with higher handicaps.

Grip Size – Without the right grip size, this can impact your ability to bring back the clubface to a squaring position and then release your wrist during impact.

Shaft Type – For this, personal qualities decide on certain factors. This will involve the composition of graphite and steel shaft; swing weight; kick or bend points and torque ratings.

Set Make-up – You now have a wider selection of choices for the clubs that you will have in your bag because of the brand-new hybrid clubs. Many designs and lofts in woods, irons, wedges and hybrids make it important for you to have a professional for custom golf club fitting.

Basically, because of the many variables and other related aspects involved, it could be difficult or maybe impossible for any individual besides a professional to carry out an appropriate golf club fitting. The retailers are now offering golf club fitting guide online, but most times all the factors will not be taken into consideration. This is the reason why golf club fitting online is not recommended because golfers need personal attention.