A filter for a swimming pool is very important for maintaining your pool, and it is very important for a pool owner to buy one. A good swimming pool filter would really help maintain your pool whether its above ground or in-ground. This article will tell you what types of pool filter systems are available and what are recommended for your specific use.

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Types of Pool Filter Systems

Basically, a pool filter system’s purpose is to remove dirt, debris and other unwanted material from your pool water. A filter system works with a swimming pool pump, which you can buy separately from the full filter system, or with a whole filter system. The pool pump forces water through the filter, catching unwanted material. Good swimming pool filter systems are very durable, easy to use, and don’t cost much to run it. There are three different types of pool filter systems, sand filters, cartridge/element filters, and diatomaceous earth or diatomite filters.

  • Starting with the most common of the different types of swimming pool filters, sand filters. Dirty water goes through a sand bed that is in the filter, where debris is caught in the sand, the water is then sent back into the pool. Sand filters are easy to clean, runs at a low cost, and lasts up to five years. One drawback in the sand filter is that water isn’t as pure or polished as a diatomite or cartridge filter.
  • Cartridge filters, they are easy to use, have low maintenance, and run at a cheap price. These filters have a removable and replaceable cartridge that you can simply drop into the filter. The cartridge needs to be occasionally cleaned, but this can be easily achieved with a garden hose. The filter’s cartage needs to be replaced every one to two years, but this depends on what kind of swimming pool you have and by how often you use it. Cartridge filters have a low initial cost and are easy to maintain. A disadvantage to this type of filter is that it can clog more quickly than other filters.
  • Diatomaceous earth filters, these filters are the best types of pool filter systems out there. Diatomite filters are extremely effective with the removal of small particles, making the water almost pure when it is filtered. Diatomite is a natural, chalky sedimentary rock that is very light and is easily crushed into a fine powder. This powder is what is used in a diatomaceous earth filter. Some pros if a diatomite filter is the fact that you get extremely clean water quickly, this filter catches the smallest particles, purifying your water. Some cons include the high price for this filter and the fact that it needs to be replaced fairly often.

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