Among the numerous lines of fragrances that Estee Lauder produces, the Pleasures perfume remains as one of the most popular and a consumer favorite. The scent is known for its mild and sheer fragrance that reminds a woman of the beauty and shimmer of summer when flowers bloom. The success of Pleasures eventually gave birth to several of its variant like the Pleasures Bloom, Pleasures Delight, Pleasures Intense, and Pleasures Exotic.

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Getting To Know Estee Lauder

The proud creator of Pleasures perfume is Estee Lauder, the woman who co-founded her self-branded cosmetic company in 1946. The business started with only four cosmetic essentials; skin lotion, crème pack, all-purpose crème, and the cleansing oil. But backed by her determination to succeed and dominate, Estee Lauder begun the development and sale of fragrances or perfumes, other cosmetic products and have expanded their market from the U.S. to U.K. and now internationally.

Part of the company’s expansion is the acquisition of Clinique Laboratories in 1968; and in 1976, the brand has pioneered the introduction of essential cosmetic and fragrance products for men. Currently, the offerings of Estee Lauder are divided in the categories of makeup, fragrances, skincare, and its technologically advanced Re-Nutriv, and Aerin skincare products.

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The Pleasures Perfume Fragrance

The type of scent will usually be dependent on the certain variant of Pleasures. Each will certainly suit the personality or preference of any user.

  • Pleasures

The main perfume evokes that lively, spirited, and sheer feeling experienced when you smell those pleasing fragrances of blooming flowers during the summer or right after the rain. The main floral fragrances include extracts from lilies, peonies, baie rose, and jasmine. The perfume also has notes of violet leaves, black lilac, pink rose, karo-karounde blossoms, and green accents mixed in sandalwood and patchouli base.

  • Pleasures Delight Perfume

The Delight perfume brings out that playful and irresistible you. This fragrance combines the sweet floral scents and the awakening notes of whipped strawberry meringue, juicy pomegranate, freesia, fresh greens and caramel.

  • Pleasures Exotic Perfume

If the classic Pleasures showcase fresh floral scents and the Delight on a warmer and irresistible feels, the Pleasures Exotic perfume provides that enticing, tantalizing, and delectable fragrances of tropical fruits. Aside from the certain base and middle notes listed above, the Exotic Pleasures perfume also has notes of mango, grapefruit, orange, dewy green leaves, and lemongrass.

  • Pleasures Intense Perfume

If you wanted to be more sexy and seductive, you could bring out that chic or real feminine side by wearing Pleasures Intense. Among the top notes of the fragrance include green lily, cassis, and Le Charme Peony.

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Tips In Choosing The Right Perfume

The following tips may not only be applied when shopping for Pleasures perfume but on all other brands as well.

  • Be cautious on fake perfumes. You should exercise extra diligence in shopping because perfumes especially the top brands like Estee Launder are oftentimes plagued by fake products.
  • Spend a portion of your time in learning about the various perfume families or general categories like the floral, fruity, spicy, woody, or fresh scents.
  • Consider the purpose or occasion when the perfumes are to be used. Generally, the milder scents are ideal during the day and the stronger ones can be used for evening events.
  • If you have a hard time trying to differentiate one perfume from another, you could seek assistance from friends or from the seller herself.
  • And, you have to take note that certain fragrances fit certain personalities.

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With the great tones of fragrances mentioned above, it is really worth it to try and wear your desired Pleasures perfume. Avail also of Pleasures perfume gift sets for your loved ones to share with them the joyful feeling that the perfume brings.