When putting your foundation makeup finding the right kind of foundation brush is extremely important. Failing to select the best foundation brush for your type of makeup or using it in a wrong way can result in very un-presentable face, even if you are an expert in putting the makeup on it. Basically, you can choose between foundation brush designed for cream or powder makeup and liquid foundation brush designed for liquid makeup. Liquid foundation brush is always made from synthetic bristles which will absorb and retain much less moisture, reducing the chances of growing the bacteria. Common foundation brush can be made from natural bristles. Lately, some companies introduced foundation brushes specially designed for the cream foundation makeup, but using same kind of brush for powder and cream foundation makeup is just as good. If you don’t like brushes the alternative is to use a sponge when applying makeup, but application is harder and results could be below expectations.

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How to use a foundation brush

Besides choosing the right kind of foundation brush it is also very important to prepare the face for the makeup and to use the brush in a proper way. Here are some tips on how to use a foundation brush:

  • Prepare the face – after the washing and completely drying the face apply moisturizer to the skin and let it dry.

  • Run the foundation brush over the powder or cream foundation makeup in its container and apply the makeup to the center of your face and blend it outwards. That way you’ll avoid noticeable makeup lines on your face.

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  • When applying makeup to your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin always use broad, downward strokes.

  • Use the narrow part of the foundation brush to apply the makeup into hardly accessible parts of your face like the hairline and around corners of the nose, eyes and mouth.

  • Check out your face for noticeable makeup lines and correct them with the clean end of the foundation brush using light circular motions.

  • If you’re using the liquid makeup use liquid foundation brush pour a small amount of foundation makeup onto the back of your hand. Pick up the makeup with the brush and then use all the steps described above. Let the makeup dry a little before checking for the makeup lines and correcting them.

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Cleaning The Foundation Brush

Every foundation brush must be properly and regularly cleaned after the use. Failing to do so can result in bacterial growth on your brush and some nasty looking face infections and acne breakouts. There are several brands of specially designed foundation brush cleaners and it is recommended that you use same brand brushes and brush cleaners. If you’re find yourself without the brush cleaner or opting for non-branded solution you can use baby shampoo to clean your foundation brush. Just wash the brush’s head with the baby shampoo and rinse. Be sure to completely dry the brush before storing or using it again.

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Finding The Best Foundation Brush

Looking for the right foundation brush usually leads to finding the best ones. If you foundation kit doesn’t include any or if the brush included doesn’t suffice your need, you simply need to find one that does. With the help of reviews and expert guidelines, you can find online and getting the best foundation brush will be a breeze. You can find blogs and reviews for foundation brushes from tops brands like M·A·C, BECCA, Chanel, Beauty Blender and others. Expect their products to be littered with reviews thus looking for a good foundation brush from one of these brands could be the best option. If you are opting for cheaper ones, just ensure the quality of the bristles, packaging and so on.