Golf outfits are becoming more stylish and comfortable than ever. Golf outfits used to be tacky and gaudy and were the reason for most stereotypes when it came to the game of golf. Bright in colors and loud patterns are no longer the traditional style when it comes to golfing. Many designers have put their own spin on golf outfits making them stylish, colorful, or even toned down for the mildest of tastes.

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Izod Shirts

Izod shirts look like regular t-shirts or polo shirts and are very comfortable not to mention well priced and a popular brand. They have a range of colors to choose from to fit whatever mood you might be in. Not to mention, some of the Izod shirts contain stripes, lines, diamonds, and buttons. They also have Izod golf jackets for times when the weather might be nippy or less than perfect.

Izod Pants

Macy’s also carries Izod pants to go along with the line of golf outfits. They too are comfortable and range from long pants to shorts. They can come in a number or colors, though the colors are generally mild, minus one or two. Some also come in a number of designs and the designs also have choices color wise.

Clothing Tips

Shirts are better when light in weight. Lycra and polyester lycra are good fabrics for shirts, because they breathe well and help you feel cool. Also, make sure these shirts are well taken care of, because the smallest snags can make them look old and beat up.

  • Look for clothing with built-in sun protection. Sunscreen is great for skin that is showing, but having protective and cool clothing is important for your skin and health as well which means you need a pair of pants that does just that. Cotton is a comfortable fabric that will keep you cool throughout the day and provides enough protection from the sun.
  • Golf courses only allow soft cleats. And many times they are uncomfortable, so golf sandals are becoming more popular. Soft cleats are generally only needed on wet or hilly areas. You can also wear water tennis shoes as well.
  • Most golfers prefer the ankle sock to the tube sock. The small cotton sock helps keep your ankles and feet cool, but be sure to add lots of sunscreen to the bare areas.
  • Gloves are another important piece of clothing when it comes to golf outfits. A number of the gloves are calfskin and stretch to your size of hand. A mesh backed glove is best for summer, however there are gloves specifically made for cold weather as well.

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Everybody has a style or make of clothing they prefer especially when it comes to sports clothing. Sometimes we need to just try what they say or mix and match until we find what is comfortable for us.