Red Door perfume is one of the numerous perfume lines of the famous cosmetic brand Elizabeth Arden. The scent of the perfume is loved by women who enjoy the smell of sweet, mild, yet distinctive fragrances of wild or rare flowers. The Red Door collection is part of the company’s original and most successful perfume and cosmetic line. Though the collection has been branded as Red Door only in 1989, its classic fragrances have been a favorite since the business started during the early 1900s.

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A Brief Background on Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden is the trade or business name of Florence Nightingale Graham who was considered one of the pioneers of the cosmetic industry. In 1910, she opened her initial Red Door salon in New York which specialized in the production and sale of cosmetic products which were not only developed to make the surface of the skin better and more beautiful, but also, products that would benefit the skin as a whole in terms of appearance, quality, and health. Aside from the popular Elizabeth Arden Red Door perfume, the company was also the mind behind the 8 hour cream, the ceramide technology including its capsulated packaging, the visible difference refining moisture cream, peels, and skill illuminating complex. One of the notable customers of the Red Door perfume is the former first lady, Nancy Reagan.

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The Collection

If you are planning to purchase Red Door for your personal use or as a gift, opting for the complete Red Door perfume gift sets is recommended. Inclusive products in the collection are the following.

  • The Classic Red Door Perfumes

Introduced in 1989, the perfume combines the exquisite fragrances of both common and rare flowers. They include red rose, ylang-ylang, jasmine flowers, Moroccan orange flower, lily of the valley, wild violets, and freesia, blended in honey, oak moss, and sandalwood. Variations of this perfume include the classic Red Door, the Velvet, the Revealed, and the Shimmer.

  • Red Door Bath & Shower Gel

The bath and shower gel combines that classic perfume fragrance to the shower gel you regularly use when bathing. Based on most Red Door perfume review, the scent of the gel is mild and gentle, not overwhelming, leaves a smoother texture to the skin and provides that refreshed and revitalized feeling.

  • Red Door Body Powder

Instead of using generic brands or kinds of body powder, you may opt to use Red Door’s body powder designed for the softer and silkier skin. The powder is fragrant, sensual, and is very ideal for pairing with elegant gowns and dresses.

  • Red Door Cream Deodorant

And completing the Red Door perfume set is the cream deodorant. Aside from keeping that fresh and fragrant feel and smell, the deodorant is good at preventing sweating or on keeping the underarms dry and comfortable.

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Short Perfume Shopping Guide

When shopping for a perfume, you should keep in mind the following short notes or tips.

  • Perfumes or fragrances are personality-based products; therefore, it is a must to choose a mild or sweet scent that would fit your personality.
  • Choose milder scents that could last longer than those overpowering ones that would only last a few hours.
  • You must acknowledge that quality and satisfaction really comes with better brand name and slightly higher price.
  • Research on fragrances that are favored and recommended by more customers or users.
  • And it also pays to seek advice or opinion from your friends or loved ones if the scent is favorable or not.

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Red Door perfume has been satisfying thousands of women for years, and if you haven’t tried any of its variants yet, you might be surprised that you’ll eventually fall in love with its scent.