Antique items have a very classy feel to them and the antique desk is no exception. This is the reason why it is gaining popularity each day. Having antique items in your house brings a lot of sophistication. The authenticity of old items is probably what people love, especially with the antique lovers who would love to have an antique desk as part of their collection. One must remember though that there is a lot to know about the antique item. Being aware is the most important thing because you can easily be deceived especially by bogus sellers. Knowing of the various features and different types of desks available and also knowing how and where to shop can be very helpful in choosing the right desk for your house or for your collection.

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Various types of antique desks

  • Secretary Antique Desks: These desks are simply referred to as secretary. They are quite common and are also very desirable. Many collectors seem to be looking for this kind of antique desk. The hidden workspace is the characteristic feature of this desk and is also the identification mark between authentic and fake. The workspace tends to fold at a particular angle when you close it. Remember as a ground rule that the newer secretary desks can be unassembled easily while the antique version can’t.
  • Roll-Top Antique Desks: This type of antique desk is also extremely sought after and it is similar to the secretary desk in that it has a workspace that is concealed, too. The main difference between these desks is however that in the roll-top desk, the desk has the ability to close over the items placed on it.

Other types of desks include writing desks and school desks. These desks were typically wood desks made from the finest quality of wood. You will find them easily at almost every antique item store. You will find many subtypes in these desks based on colors, forms and shapes. These desks are very heavy, sturdy and also very thick. They are of superior quality and are a result of expert craftsmanship. This is the reason why the antique desk is highly expensive. It can easily cost you thousands of dollars.

Uses of Antique Desks

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The main use of the antique wood desks would be to enhance the look of your office or your house and to give it a timeless appearance. You can’t expect the antique desk to have holes for wires because when they were crafted, there was barely any technology or use of wires. They are mainly purchased by collectors or for those who love decorating their houses and offices to look classic and timeless. They can be used for simple purposes, too, such as:

  • The secretary desk may be used mainly for storage.
  • The roll top desk can be used for both writing and storage.
  • The writing desk is specifically meant for writing and provides no storage options.

Tips for Shopping Antique Desks

As aforesaid, you can easily be deceived and given a fake desk if you don’t know where to shop and how. Here are a few tips that are sure to make it easier for you:

  • Make sure you are buying from the right place such as a reputable antique store or an auction. You can also consider the flea market and the Internet.
  • No matter where you purchase the item, make sure you ask for details such as the type of wood used and the age of the desk.
  • If you are buying online, check the reputation of the store before making a purchase.
  • If you are going on an auction or sale, heed advice from an expert to help you out.

Due to humanity’s love for aged items, the antique desk may cost you a lot. This is why you should be aware as well as wise when making a purchase. Make sure that you follow the tips above to ensure that you always get value for your money no matter what antique item you buy.