Women first started wearing panties during the French revolution. The creation of cotton gins during the 18th century led to the production of cotton fabrics, and hence the mass production of cotton clothing, among them being the womens panties.

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Variations of Panties

Panties for women today, however, are more than just a bare necessity. They are a must have, and are able to tell a lot about what kind the woman is. There is a wide selection of womens panties in the market today some of which are:

  • Thongs – these are a sexy pair of women’s panties with thin sides and a very exposing backside, which exposes its wearer’s buttocks.
  • Classic granny panties – these panties are a must have for all ladies. They are very comfortable and not revealing at all. They are however not appealing to the eye.
  • French cut briefs – these womens panties sit above the hips of its wearers but close to the waist
  • Hipster panties – these types are the low waist panties and are commonly paired with low waist trousers where jeans is the most common.
  • Tanga panties – these are panties with the design of a bikini on the front side but on the back side, they expose a lot of your behind.
  • Bikini panties; these panties have thin and narrow sides but provide for full coverage of the backside.

The most preferred fabric of panties today is the womens cotton panties. This is because of their absorbent nature and the fact that it can withstand strong bleaches and disinfectants hence allowing for maximum hygiene. Cotton panties are also quite comfortable as a result of them being absorbent. The womens satin panties are also fast gaining popularity among the modern women today. These womens panties are comfortable, warm and absorptive, hence, have begun giving the cotton panties a competition. The satin material is quite cosy.

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Plus Size Availability

Plus size womens panties are today available all over the market. This is because of the great demand that there is for the plus size panties due to obesity, and also due to the large number of companies that make women underwear today.

The Sexy Thongs

The thong itself as a type of women’s panties is quite sexy and eye catching. The lace thong on the other hand is a type of thong for the women, only that it is trendier than your normal thong, more modern and more stylish, hence on greater demand. This panty may not be the most comfortable but it is the sexiest.

Womens panties are readily available in clothes stores and when looking for them, women need to consider cost, material and also size. It is a rule of thumb that these factors should be considered unless it’s not meant for you, then that’s another story.