A gasket seal, in simple words, is used to avoid leakage. They are used in sealing surfaces together and are capable of preventing fluid leakage as well as gas leakage. For better usage, this is made from rubber or cork or any such flexible material. The gasket is first placed between the two surfaces to be joined and then the surfaces are brought close. They are now tightly held in place using different mechanisms. By pressing both the surfaces together, you are pressurizing the gasket and it thus seals the surfaces thereby preventing leakage.

Gasket Seal for your Car

Important Facts About Gasket Seal

  • These seals are used in many different areas and serve many different purposes. Some industries where these seals are very useful are plumbing, aerospace, mechanical and automotive. These can also seal washing machines, engine gaskets, pipe washers etc.
  • A Gasket seal may be made out of numerous materials such as paper, fibreglass, rubber, plastic polymers, metal, cork and felt.
  • There are gaskets that exclusively serve a definite purpose. These seals are usually made out of asbestos.
  • While choosing the material for making gasket seals, it is important to check the yielding as well as the deforming quality of the material. This is necessary because it will determine the functionality and efficiency of the gasket seal. It should tightly be able to fill the space and also seal the smallest of irregularities in the space.
  • In many industries, gaskets need to be very strong. They have to be able to handle a lot of compressive load and in this area. Fibre gasket seals are the most efficient. They are very durable and longer lasting.
  • Some gasket seals may require additional sealant so that their efficiency increases and they work better. One example is the RTV Sealant.
  • Gasket seals need to be of high quality and standards and thus, before being released for sealing purposes, they are checked vigorously and passed through tests. Only when they pass these rigorous quality tests will they qualify for use.
  • Sheet Gaskets: These are cut from graphite sheets or other such material.
  • Solid Material Gaskets: These are highly efficient and can take high pressure and temperature. They are made out of metal.
  • Spiral Wound Jackets: These are made out of filler material.
  • Double Jacketed Gaskets: These are also made out of filler material.

Clear RTV Sealant

Main Types and Uses of Gasket Seal

Choose the best gasket seal based on your requirement and as to which purpose you want it to serve you and let this wonderful product work magic and take away your worry.