Before purchasing a garbage disposal machine, one should do an extensive research on the advantages and disadvantages of the machine they are acquiring to ensure they get quality machine that will give them good service. Also, one needs to ensure they follow some of the garbage disposal safety precautions in order to be safe.

Waste king garbage disposal produces garbage disposals that help in disposing off food waste. However, many customers have complains that despite having garbage disposals they still have problems of unpleasant odors and the blades becomes blunt. To ensure that one does not have these problems, proper care and maintenance of the garbage disposal system is very important. Aside from that, understanding the right type of food to put in the disposal helps in smooth running of the disposal.

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Tips on What Kind of Things to Dispose

  • Avoid fatty foods and bones to avoid getting the blades blunt, also the disposal may not be able to break down the fats.
  • Throwing boiled vegetable ends is safe.
  • Do not throw fruit seeds in the disposal.
  • Wedding rings or any other ring should be taken off as a precautionary measure.
  • Do not place non-food items on the disposal machine.

How to Use the Waste Garbage Disposal Machine

For garbage disposal safety, one needs to do a thorough job first in ensuring that the equipment is working well.

  • They need to turn on the disposal and listen to the grinding sounds to change to a whirling sound to mean it has finished breaking down the food.
  • After using it, turn it off.
  • Then after, let the water run into the drain for a few minutes.
  • For cold water system, one should always leave the water running for a few minutes after the disposal has been turned off to wash off food particles.
  • Insert food slowly one at a time in the disposal to avoid clogging.
  • Run only small bones into the disposal, this helps to scour the grinding chambers.
  • To avoid corrosion, it is important to run any food through the disposal system.
  • Never use hot water for the disposal since it does not solidify grease.
  • Do not leave any small dishes to go down the drain this may damage one’s garbage disposal system
  • Do not pour uncooked liquid or animal fats on the disposal they can clog the system.

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Do’s and Don’ts in Using the Waste Garbage Disposal Machine



Tips in Cleaning the Waste Garbage Disposal Machine

To ensure proper garbage disposal safety precautions, one needs to know the proper way of cleaning disposal for the safety of the family.

  • Squeezing lemon adds refreshing scents to the disposal after usage. Run tap water with it to spread it over the machine.

Using a bleach is however the recommended chemical to use since it is designed for that task and using chlorine bleach will help solve a bigger problem.